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Tenderloin & Ribs

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Thought this was a good idea for dinner.

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Looks as if the initial steps worked out well. What kind of wood did you use? Any pics of the finished product? confused.gif
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I am using pecan with a little grape but mostly pecansmile.gif
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maybe after hour

Not to sure but might bee too much smoke, about a hour into this smoke
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Cooking time

What is the approximat time it take to smoke ribs, or do you just wait for the meat to start falling off the bone?confused.gif
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6 hours,, 3 hours on the smoker, take off and wrap in foil and splash some apple juice or whatever you like, wrap up in the foil and let go another 2 hours, and then take out of foil and put them back on the smoker for 1 hour to firm them up

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the 2 hours wrapped is that out of the smoker or in the smoker? first time doin ribs.
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in the smoker at same temp you had
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I know it was a dumb question but had to ask, I had this thought leering in the back of my head.
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What he said ..... biggrin.gif
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that says it all
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little bit longer

fixing to pull the ribs

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looks real good !! congratulations on your first ribs, there gonna be good.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks wonderful! Congrats
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last Q-View

Here are the last two Q-View thanks for the help!!

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