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First Pork Shoulder- Picnic

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I put my first Pork Shoulder on this morning. It is a 2.89 kg (approx. 5.78lbs) bone in Picnic shoulder. I am following the sticky on the pulled pork thread.

Last night I coated it in mustard
Rubbed it with my rub:
Brown sugar
Garlic Powder
Chili Powder
Onion Powder
Cheyanne Pepper

I got it on my WSM at 9am.
It is currently at 129F. I am spritzing it with a 3-1 mixture of Apple juice and Canadian Club (Rye) every hour.

I plan to foil it at 165.
Q-View to come.
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OK, that makes me feel a little better... I put my 6.5lb (2.9kg) on at 7AM MST. It heated up so fast that I thought that something must be wrong. It's currently at 140F. Outside doesn't look as charred as a lot of them that I've seen on people's QViews.

Good luck :)
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Sounds it REALLY happening?

Looking forward to pics!! biggrin.gif
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Sounds so yummy! I am jealous, I want some Q-VUE!! Show me the butt!
I don't get to smoke until next weekend icon_sad.gif
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sounds good. can't wait for the q-view
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sounds like u got the plan going-great job and good luck-
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OK here we are....
5ish hours 165 and foiling---

Yes there was a hock in there that I am smoking as well...will be used in a split pea soup or in gooooood ole' pinto beans

the Hock


Thanks for all the support everyone! PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif
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In the cooler resting....will pull and add the finishing sauce in about an hour and half....
more pics to come.
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Great lookin grub and pics ! Hey , anybody know how to get teethmarks outa a laptop screen ??
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Last pic-
the final product.

Of course pulled pork sandwich
Wife made a blue cheese and apple slaw
sweet potato fries

PS....Im sooooo full but wow was it good!
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Yummy. great smoke.
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