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Looking for a decent store baught sauce...

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I need to find a good store bought sauce, but I don't want a sweet sauce. I would prefer something spicy/peppery. Any suggestions?

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My fave when I used to buy sauce can be found here... I used to add some cracked black and a touch more cider vinegar...
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We love Famous Dave's. They just built a new restaurant on our side of town. Their sauces range from Sweet & Zesty to Devils Spit.


I can buy them locally at Smith's Grocery Store
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I like the kraft original BBQ sauce It has a nice tang to it. but why not make your own?
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The kraft is a little too sweet for me, but thanks for the suggestion.

Never made my own sauce. This is something I would like to try, but I just don't have the time today. I'm getting ready to put some meat on, and my wife already has a few "chores" for me before company gets over here.

Antelope, CA - is that like Antelope Valley?
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That ain't store bought. That's neighborhood bought. This local restaurant is one of my favorite brew pubs. My buddies and I often catch their happy hour on their microbrew.

Good sauce & GREAT BEER!

Unfortunately, this is the classic example of somebody being in the restaurant business and not the BBQ business. Seems every time I try their ribs, I'm disappointed.

Regarding the original question about store bought sauce. I don't mind Bullseye and KC Masterpiece and Catleman's.
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I have only had their ribs once... and that was brought back from the Knoxville place on a plane and after a day in the fridge. Eh... like ya said, most anyone here can make a better rack. But I DO like the sauce. Had 'em ship it case at a time.
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Best sauce I ever had was Doc Pierces from pierces pitt barbeque in Williamsburg VA my home town I live in michigan now but still internet order form time to time has a hickory flavor with a little kick of cayanne pepper a mild heat definately worth it you won't e disappointed.biggrin.gif
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Sent ya a PM on making a Roll Call post Sir! Welcome!
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I'm a fan of Sweet Baby Ray's Hot n' Spicy. They also have a Chipolte sauce that I want to try.
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OOPSPDT_Armataz_01_04.gif I just looked in the frig and the bottle says" Kraft thick and spicy"

More like antelope near sacramento CA.icon_smile.gif
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Thanks again for all the suggestions. Just sent my wife to the store for a couple of things, will see if any of the above mentioned sauces are available.
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The title of this post is an oxymoron!! If you have time make your own and tweek it 'til you have it right where you want it. With store bought sauce you are just paying top dollar for their ketchup!!

I have a killer basic BBQ sauce, one hot for my kids and me and the other version with less cayanne for Mom but the same sauce. And I have a good mustard sauce that I use less frequently.

It does take a little time to make sauce. Maybe 10-15 minutes to throw it together and then 1-3 hours to tend it til it's just right. I've had many people tell me to bottle it but anyone who's researched that idea knows what it takes and costs. Life is way too short! But the point is your own stuff will always taste better than all but the very best bottled stuff.

Happy smokin' and hope your party went well!
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I totally agree here, have finally got one sauce recipe nailed down. Now i really don't like a store bought sauce. Although recently i did get a chance to try some Bone Suckin sauce ..... was impressed by that one.
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Seconded. I usually use the regular. I want to try the Hot n' Spicy, but it's tough to find out here now for some reason.
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I like a bit of a kick , but not a fan of vinigar wink.gif
This one has a great flavor , good bit of heat but not too much , and doesn't over power things with vinigar icon_smile.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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if he wants a sauce NOT sweet, than sweetbaby rays reg. is NOT for him.......to MY taste anyway........i had to mix it up with others, cause it was JUST TOO SWEET...............
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My wife went to Wal-Mart and found this one, although I don't think she got the spicy. It was a little sweet, but still good for store bought. We have a BBQ place here called Rudy's that has good sauce. I bought it a few times, but I didn't have the time to drive out and get it yesterday.

Thanks again for all the suggestions. I will have to keep an eye out for some of the other sauces. Better yet, learn to make my own. If anyone has a recipe for a good basic sauce I can work from I would appreciate it.
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What Texas hunter said. Head Country is hard to beat. It is by far the BEST sauce I've had, reguardless if itwas store bought or homemade.
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Is Head Country pretty hot or is it regular strength? I hate to order a bunch if it's thermonuclear and no one will eat it!!!

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