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Dry first shoulder smoke

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Smoked my first shoulder 6.5 lbs and it came out a little dry.

Mustard and Jeff's rub the night before.

Followed the sticky for a Butt smoke and the finishing sauce and all seemed to work out.

Masterbuilt electric, 230 degrees, hickory chips spritzed with apple juice and rum.

Any suggestions?
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What finish temp was the meat? And sometimes ya just get some marginal meat.
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A couple other questions.
Did the shoulder have a fat cap?
How long did you cook it for?

Please tell us as much other information as you can about how you cooked it.

All in all it could be just what Richtee said.
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Pulled it at 196 and wrapped it in a towel. rested for about 1 hour 20 min. Had some fat, but not a full cap.
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I think you got some marginal meat like Richtee said, sounds like everything else was perfect..
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All in all I'm inclined to agree with the others that you just got one of those pieces of meat that cooked on the dry side.
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Sounds like you cooked it properly, did you foil at 170ish?
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Yep. That old hog might of been an old hog. Really don't know. We've had pork chops that melted in your mouth and chops that were leather so i 'm thinking this could be the case.
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