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Quick Smoke tonight.. Filet Mignon...

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Filet Mignon, Slice of Prime Rib and Corn was on the smoker tonight. Wanted something quick to smoke so I tossed on these pieces of Meat the Wife had in the frige. I picked up Royal Oak wood charcoal today at WalMart and I have to say that's some good stuff.. Fast start and it got up to temp quick.. I'll be buying lots more while they have it.. And a 10lb bag was only

Food just put on.. Except for the corn I had on early while the smoker was coming up to temp.

A little SoGrill going on here.. Wanted to get the juices flowing.. A couple min on each side..


Super Juicy meat.. Both were great..
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Nothing like a great cut of meat turning out like that! The corn looked like it would've been good too. Great meal! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job, yumo!
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never smoked a filet-but sure love The other side of a porterhouse grilled.
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I don't "smoke" my steaks, but I do put a little smoke to them by putting them over indirect heat for a few minutes before searing/grilling them over high heat.
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Looks awesome what a feast!!
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Looks great. I swear by that Walmart Royal Oak. I've never had a problem getting it either. They seem to have an endless supply.
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Looks good enough to eat. Good job!biggrin.gif
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