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Hello all, I am new to the SMF and really happy that I came accross it! I live in the state of Washington and benefit from the bounty of seafood here. I can smoke a salmon to die for but when it comes to meat, well I struggle a little-lot I do OK with ribs but pork buts and larger cuts of meat I seem to have issues with. Every time I cook a pork roast it tastes and feels like a bad ham. Maybe I just dont take enough time or brine it right, I dont know. I suspect that I use too much heat and not enough time, but now that I have found this, I am looking forward to better results. I use a Brinkman upright smoker with 2 racks. The bottom rack has a liquid bowl under it which I usually fill with the brine and water. Be'ing in Washington and smoking fish and oysters I generally use alderwood. I do also hve an assortment of fruit woods such as apple and cherry. Thank you for reading my post and I look forward to learning much from pitmasters.
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welcome gmg-we will have u up to par real quick.
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Welcome aboard from the other side of the Country. I have a Brinkman ECB myself. 30+ years old now. Charcoal model. Plenty of people here to help out. I can do butts and ribs just find, some Florida fish but need to try salmon sometime. Love those Silvers but have not been out west in over 10+ years now.
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Welcome and with all the help around here the big cuts wont be a problem ever again. Good luck.
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thanks guys

I look forward to some good chow and chat. Thanks
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Welcome to the Smf family. Its a great place. Enjoy it.
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