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If I were worried.... Id just smoke it at 300 till the bird hits 140 , then cut back smoker to 225-250 to finish her up maybe??? or would that even be beneficial??confused.gif
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Your gonna love your drum to cook chicken in!! wink.gif

What were trying to say is, low n slow on poultry has NO benefits to it!
If anything, your giving it more time to dry out!
If you haven't smoked a bird at 325, try it.....crispy skin, juicy meat and all the smoke you'll need!

Sorry for hijacking your thread bro.......cool.gif
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thanks bubba... ive done tons of birds, but never worried about the low temp till I joined here and started readin all the opinions. all my birds turned out good, but some I guess have been a bit dry. Will for sure try it 325 next time... it makes sense to me. thanks again
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Obviously I will be trying to apply all this in 12 hrs when I start mine...

I have a tall smoke chamber on the smoker I have...slots for 6 racks so I will be keeping the bird about mid way up...think I'm gona throw a couple pork steaks in there somewhere while doing the bird...what the heck.
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10# turkey @ about 275* average...mostly 300*...

took only 3hrs 15 min when put in a 300* smoker...

Brined about 36 hrs...cooked right from frig....
with 3 branches of fresh cut Rosemary and one branch of about 10 leaves of Sage placed on top...with 2, 1" thick Pork steaks on the rack above...dripping juices for about 2 hrs.

Turned out 'EPHING' GREAT!!!!!

everyone enjoyed to the MAX.

Again, THNX go to the advice from right here and the experts giving it.

click for bigger pics:
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