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5th of july butts w/q-view

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wasn't able to do any 4th of july cooking but made up for it today,hope everyone has a great holiday.
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Looks like someone smoked their butt(s) off!! Nice pic - thanks for sharing!
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Wow - looks great... mucho meat!
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yumm thanks for the smoke till tomarrow.
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Nice butts. Looking good.
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Nice rack of pork there.
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thanks getting ready for my wife's family reunion,next weekend gonna do some chickens on site and abt's just getting the major cooking out of the way so i can relax some too.
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Looks great, Thats allot of meat, I need to do more then one thing at a time and save some money.
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That looks tasty. I can almost smell it.
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Daddio, u are indeed a bbq slingin fool!!!!! buncha nice lookin buts there!!!
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hehehe yea i got this problem,if i'm gonna take the time to do it i do a pile of it!! ocd like that i guess,but hey if you gonna be ocd about something might as well be something that's tasty!!!!cool.gif
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Looks great and probably tastes even better!!!
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