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I personally think a cheap charcoal water smoker like an ECB is the way to start. I had never had a smoker until spring. I had always used gas for grilling and had never even used charcoal for anything, let alone smoking. I learned a lot about smoking and controlling temperate using the ECB. I learned what I liked and didn't like about a smoker and it led me to my GOSM. I think a gas smoker will eventually be where your boyfriend ends up if he takes to smoking (meat, that is).
I equate it to buying your teenage son a brand new car for his first vehicle. Most people would not do this. Instead, most people buy them a modest car that they can learn on and then work up to a more advanced model. There is something primal about tending a fire that is very appealing to men.
Whatever you decide, please make sure you have fun and post some qview pics of the first smoking.
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reading this thread i just got the idea of how to turn my char griller pro into a great propane smoker when im lazy! I personally love tending to the fire all night and personally think charcoal or wood both offer better flavors than gas. but,like i said i will now make a small modification to my single burner cast iron stove to fit it inside my fire box for those lazy days. ( a quick connect is on order) What ever you get him he is one lucky man. if he is cooking on gas already the gas model may be better for him. like others said converting a charcoal or wood burner to propane is easy and to go the other way is not so easy.

my very first smoker was electric and i still use it. I love my little chief!
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I had not grilled or cooked with charcoal in over 20 years (I was a propane grill user) when my girlfriend showed up with an charcoal ECB "Gourmet Model" ) as a gift.

Using natural charcoal lit with a chimney starter brought back many memories of old. Keeping up with the temperature took just a bit of doing, but I caught on easily.

My 3rd smoking was ribs. Perfection!! Even so, I will stick with this $30.00 ECB a/k/a Brinkmann Gourmet Charcoal Smoker until it falls apart. Then I will decide whether or not to go the "set it and forget it" route.
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I have one of each, ecb, new braunfels side burner, electric and GOSM and I would vote foe the gasser to start once he is addicted eerr experienced I am sure he will try differant styles. either way you go remember TBS, cold adult beverage good lookin SO and close friends now that is livin right. Oh and welcome to SMF.
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I bought him the smoker

Hi everyone,
Thanks again for all the advice, I ended up getting him a charcoal smoker and giving it to him early as a suprise. He's super happy and is goign to smoke some meat today. I told him to check out your forum so I'm sure he'll be logging on soon.
By the way he's now my fiance, he proposed last week (before he even got the smoker icon_smile.gif )
post #26 of 30 THAT'S LOVE LOL!

Lookin' forward to setting him out right!
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whip out your credit card and order this,, he will love it
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On both your engagement and buying a smoker. Hope to see or hear about some of the smokes that come off your fiances new smoker.
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Just going to throw my 0.02c in ........ i'm a charcoal/wood only guy, grilling and smoking so i am biased. I did have an oppurtunity to use a gas grill when we were on vac recently. Had thought about getting a gas grill until i used one for three days .... definitely sticking with the charcoal.

Anyways .....

If he likes to tinker with stuff, and has the time and patience to play with charcoal then definitely go that way.
If he isn't then go for a gasser ........... or electric (thanks fishawn)!

Something else to consider is ... if he gets a taste of charcoal then you may be getting a new grill too biggrin.gif .

Congrats on the proposal PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Congrats to both on both PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

We'll need pics of course wink.gif
And a proper roll call with the new familly member ( smoker ) info PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
Best place there is to get off on the right foot is right here , ask questions ( only dumb ? s are the ones not asked ) Have fun and post often icon_smile.gif
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