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try using natural wood charcoal instead of briquettes. I heat up my char griller pro with 1 chimney of royal oak briquettes then use hardwood natural charcoal the rest of the time. I buy mesquite charcoal for around $12.00 a 40# bag from smart and final. i dont brine my butts because there is no need. in fact i dont even rub them the night before. i rub them 3 hours before and i let them sit out for the last 2 hours to "warm" the meat to room temperature. I found it takes the smoke much better. I have 2 oven thermometers i use, one at each end of my smoke box. or i just use 1 for a single piece of meat.I usually fill my smoker because it takes the same amount of charcoal for one roast as it does for 6. What ever you do be patient! It takes at least 12 hours for pork butt go go through the entire cooking process. I dont even open my smoke box to peek until the 8th hour. thats when i remove the butts and wrap them in double layers of foil before putting them back in. then i let them cook at 225 for another 4 to 5 hours.

I've followed all the advice here and never had a problem, starting with making the necessary mods, then a few of my own. I guess ive been lucky or know enough about cooking and fire control from Dutch oven cooking for so long it comes natural. Well, what ever you call it it has worked well for me and i keep the fire box facing the wind in windy conditions and keep the chimney open at ALL times. use the air intake for air control and remember if you have blue smoke you are indeed flavoring and smoking your meat. the heavy white smoke only lasts for a short time. follow what these knowledgeable folks are suggesting and apply their ideas to yout own smoking style. it is different for everyone, although we all started using the same basic principals and concepts. Good Luck! and dont give up.
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Have heard you say that you have a digital probe thermometer. I think that your grill was not getting up to temperature. I think you should get an oven thermometer to set on the grate beside the meat. Then you will know exactly what the temp is without relying on the cheap thermo that came with the smoker.

I agree with everyone else, get another one and do it again. With your ever expanding database of smoking knowledge, the next one is bound to better.\

Good Luck!
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Last night..I took the therometer out of my Brinkman. I do remember ordering this therometer from them and I think it was $50 a long time ago. Took some water and boiled it...my digital was setting about 208 which is fairly close. I have a instant check therometer that was about 210 and my Brinkman...was at 210..but I think I need something at the grate surface. My theory is that even though the top one said 240 or so...doesnt mean the temp at the grate was 210..

Thank you folks for being soo helpful...
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