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my July 4th nuts about butts cook

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ok here we go yall

tryin to beat the heat

they got it beat

its a southern thang boiled p-nuts

look at that butt

and last but not least onion sausage links
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Oh how I miss boiled peanuts. I grew up in south GA in a town known as the peanut capital of the world.

Great Q-view.
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Looks great and those kids are beting the heat and having a blast it looks like!!
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Great looking day was had by all, it appeared. The butt you smoked looked great and so did those boiled peanuts!! biggrin.gif
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looks great,,,,how do you do youyr peanuts?? I have tried them a few times but they never turn out as good as the ones I get in SC. sometimes me and wife will take a day and go up on 85 just inside SC and get them at abbot farms.

I like the cajun ones the best
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i just put em in the pot, cover with water add some salt and cook, do a sample tasting every hour or so and add more salt if needed
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it all looks good,

I live in Cajun country and never ate a boiled peanut, LOL
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It all looks great. Never heard of boiling peanuts before. But might have to try this someday.
Did you manage to beat the heat along with the kids???
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