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4th of July Weekend Smoke (w/ Q-View)

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Well, my daughter is getting ready to go to her first, week-long, girlscout camp. The wife and I are happy that she wanted to go for the week, but we are also very concerned that we will miss her soooo much. She goes on Sunday, so we are having a family gathering on Saturday evening with both sets of grandparents to "send her off", although it may be more of them getting a good "fix" of her to last them the week!!

That being said, I wanted it to be special, so I am smoking a couple of butts to have some fine pulled pork sandwiches. This will be my second go-round at smoking a butt. I plan to start Saturday morning about 7am by firing up the grill and then I will be off an running.

I will be posting periodic Q-View here of the progress, but to get started I wanted to fill everyone in on my "gear". I use a Chargriller with the side fire box. I have done some mods to it. As you will see, I have extended the chimney, turned over the charcoal tray that came with it to act as a baffle, built a charcoal "container" to allow for easier access to dump ash and I have abandoned the original thermometer and added one to the far end of the "belly" opposite of the firebox at grate level. Here are the pics.

More to come!!
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Your mods look good. Now get some meat on there biggrin.gif

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4th of July Weekend Smoke (w/ Q-View)

Ok, so now that we have the preliminary info out of the way, on to the good stuff.

I already had a 8lb butt from CostCo and was all set to go. Then I found out that we were having MORE people show up. So I needed another butt. However, it is the day of the 4th. CostCo is not open. No other butchers are open. So I had to go to Hy-Vee (regional grocery store) to buy a 3.75lb Hormel shoulder. Not really happy about this, but oh well. What are you going to do?

Prepping the butts today at about 2pm, Rubbing with yellow mustard first, then a generous helping of Jeff's Famous Rib Rub (it's worth the money). I then wrapped in celophane and am placing back in the fridge to soak it all in until 7am tomorrow (Saturday). I have my 50/50 mix of Cap'n Morgan's and apple juice for my mop and plenty of lump. More Q-View.......

Large Butt

Large Butt

Hormel Butt

Hormel Butt

Hormel Butt

Both Butts rubbed and wrapped

Ready to go!!

I will post more tomorrow!!

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Smokin' Hawkeye, nice smoke. I have 3 girls of my own and I can imagine the feeling of them gone. They will remember things like that.
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8:15 AM and the Char-Griller Smokin' Pro is up to temp and the butts are on!!

Here we go!
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Hey ,looks like you got it going on. That is going to be a fine feast. I would like to see the final result. Also I am interested in the charcoal basket you made. Could you show it outside the smoker so I could get an idea of how it is made? I have been looking at several designs to find what works best for me. Thanks.
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sounds like you're gonna have a fine meal.
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looking good so far!!
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Sure -

Tomorrow after she has cooled down, I'll get a good pic of it for ya!
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4th of July Weekend Smoke (w/ Q-View)

Update :

9:30 AM -

Temps at 95 degrees and this is the first opening of the chamber to spray down with the Capn' and apple juice mix. Lookin' good!!

Keeping and eye on that thin blue line.

Oh, by the way, I am using apple wood for my smoke. Got it last season but didn't use it all, so I soaked, then froze it to keep. Working just fine.

It is hard not to keep opening the chamber and just looking and drooling!!
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Looks great so far Hawkeye. Keep us posted on the progress.

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Update :

1:00 PM and I believe we have begun the plateau. The temps seem a little low for that, but there has been very little movement in the past hour or so. My chamber temps are consistent at 225 degrees.

Have a look:

Mmmmmmmmm, good!!
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Keep it up Hawkeye! And dont tempt rushing the plateau. Low-n-slow....low-n-slow!
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Update :

2:45 PM and being patient. Temps still hovering at 161 or so. Waiting for the plateau to end so I can wrap and bring up to 205 degrees. Cooler is staged and waiting w/ towels.

I'll keep the Q-view coming!
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Update :

5:15 PM - Butts wrapped in foil at 170 degrees and we just hit 190 degrees. Timing is going to be RIGHT ON. Will be able to rest the butts once they hit 205 degrees for about 1 - 1 1/2 hours.

<mouth watering in anticipation>
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I can barely sit up straight and type this for my belly is full and happy!!

The meat turned out AWESOME!! Family all really raved over it as well.

I won't keep you from the juicy goodness........here is the Q-view...............

Right out of the cooler, getting ready to pull.....


In the croc-pot for serving......

Wish you all could've been here to enjoy it with me.
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Lookin great. Nice smoke.
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good show mate. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job, thanks for the QVIEW.
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Great job on the pork. I can almost taste it. Nice job on the pics too.
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