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Cant quit smokin

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Hello to all,
Where to start?......lets see......My name is Ty my wifes name is Bo(Bonnie).I am a pretty close to forty country boy who recently came across a new braunfels smoker......maybe only used 4-5 times......previous owner gave up on it.So I thought what the hell,Ill take it...........Man O has become an addiction......I have only been at it for about three weeks.I have done a couple slabs of ribs with moderate success,pork loin that was great,and a trimmed brisket that I never even got to taste because I never got to it before everyone else did
I find myself seeking out every available web site and source of info on smokin that I can find.....Damn near almost totally given up ridin the harley the past few weeks
Hope to get some new input from all of ya...........Oh yeah was up at 4 this mornin firin it a 16lb untrimmed monster brisket on i hope it comes out........
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welcome, and good luck with the smoke. been up since 3 myself and I know your addiction.
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Welcome to the SMF!! You'll find your among many friendly others here with the same addiction!!
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welcome to smf-u have found the place.
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Hooo boy....yer hooked BAD LOL! But..that's GOOD! This is the place, Bud... you have found a hunk of Nirvana! Enjoy!
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Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forums!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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[quote=TyBo6;220067]Damn near almost totally given up ridin the harley the past few weeks
Hope to get some new input from all of ya.quote]

I've got some input for you. Don't give up on the Harley! Throw on the food, go ride, come back check the food, go ride some more. And welcome to smf.
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Welcome TyBo! Glad to have you! Smoking is great, but don't forget about that bike! Trust me, it's a tough balance! What should I do this weekend smoke or ride! hmm! Either way it's a good weekend
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Welcome Ty & Bo. Its an addiction alright.
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Welcome to the SMF family. Smokin is an addiction and the "patch" will not help. Check out Jeff's 5-day e-coarse. It has a ton of great info in it and its free.
May all your smokes be thin and blue.
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