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I've read about using mustard to give a bark to a shoulder. Do you put the rub on, then the mustard, or mustard then rub, ? Any who do this, do you like it?

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The mustard is really like a glue so to speak. Put that on, and then the rub. The mustard taste will go away and when you eat, you'll never know it was there. For chicken or fish, use mayo instead.
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yeah......mustard taste will go away...........SUGAR........is what makes barq
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Apply mustard then rub.
Works great.
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I did a side by side experiment with two butts. One mustard, one without. There was no difference between the two for me...
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The mustard really helps stick the rub to the meat. Works good on ribs too. Like everyone else said, you won't taste the mustard when it's done.

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