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Eager to smoke

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My name is Aaron. I'm 18, and will be using a standard charcoal grill to start with. Seeing as how I have yet to actually try smoking, I will wait on getting the actual smoker. I'm looking forward to learning all about smoking and giving it a shot. Thanks.

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This is a great place to start. I would take Jeff's free 5 day course, there's a link on the left.
Lots of great people and advice here.
Welcome!! biggrin.gif
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Welcome Aaron everything you need to know about smoking is on this site and if not someone will point you in the right direction.I have learnt a ton from here and learning something new almost evey time I log on.
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Welcome to the world of smoke..You're definitely in the best place to learn about smokin..Tons of info and nice people more than willing to helpcool.gif
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There are plenty of grill skills that translate to the smoking pit, so keep working at it.

Have you started shopping for a smoker yet?
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I am a good cook on the grill but when I got my smoker, I was a little over my head. I asked alot of ? and worked hard and tried somethings. Ask a question and these folks will help you out. I will look around a differnet thread to find info like the Chuck Roast I smoked last weekend. Jeff's class is very helpful too. There is nothing better then a good long smoke.
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Hey Aaron. Its neat your smoking at such a young age. Hope you don't have the Wii, PS3, PS4 or anything else. Friends will never leave once you start fixin smokes.
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Welcome to smf! Go to craigslist and search "bbq smoker" there are always a few around to look at and some have awesome prices too. FREE!!! If you have a weber 22" grill there is a link around here somewhere for a smoke box attachments that turns your weber into a smoker. a great place to start and makes the grill a "multitasker" hehehe thanks AB! look forward to seeing you around here more.
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welcome to smf forum Aaron!!!! hands down the greatest smoking site on the net!!! you can turn out some great food on a weber kettle, using indirect heat and wood chunks.youwill love a smoker when you get one but why wait to enjoy great smoke cooked foods when you can do it on your grill as well. its worth the extra work!!!!! lookin forward to sharin som smokes!!!
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Welcome to SMF! Ask lots of questions, the friendly folk here will make answer.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome the SMF!!! Little Brother! Like stated earlier - check out the 5 day e course... it only takes a few minutes a day, its packed full of good info, and its FREE!!! It is great to have folks your age here checkin out the great art of smokin' meat!! It is a pleasure to have you!!! There are lots of folks here waiting to help ya out and share experiences with you - so feel free to ask questions when you want!!
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Welcome to the SMF family. It's great seeing you took interest in the art of smoking. We are all here to help.
May all your smokes be thin and blue.
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