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Working on a Decent sized Butt today..

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I'm doing a 9 lb butt today with some veggies underneath (vidallia onions, sliced jalapenos and a few mushrooms in apple juice) This worked great when I did it with a brisket so now I'm trying it on a butt.

Been marinating and injected with Mojo on Tueday. Rubbed up real good yesterday morning wtih Jeff's rub, and wrapped tight awaiting this morning.

The smoker is at 250 using Mesquite and charcoal...been about 2 hours now but I haven't peekd yet. Sitting at 104.

Here's some qview thus far. I scored the butt after I took that pic as I almost forgot to do it, LOL.

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That looks really good so far. Can wait to taste...er...see the final pics!
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Little update on the butt, 3 hours, 117 internal...so far, so good:

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Looking good!
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Thanks Guys and Gals wink.gif
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Good look'n Grub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Looking good....Man I am getting so hungry
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Thanks guys!

Here's the 5 hour report, at 138 internal and started to spritz with apple juice and I'm using a LA Cajun basting sauce for the first time. I used it on some Buffalo Burgers last night and it was excellent. I have also been using Apple wood on this as it's my favorite but I think I forgot to mention it in the original post. I used Mesquite mostly for two hours then use more Apple as we get into and finish the smoke.

Hopefully the basting sauce will do just a well here. so, it will be a swing and a miss or it will be great but only one way to find out I guess.

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Pete, that looks excellent!!
Send any leftovers my way....please.smile.gif
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Thanks Jeanie,

Hopefully this will taste as good as it looks thus far. Like I siad, trying something new so it can go either way. If it goes the wrong way, I don't think my brothers will be too happy with me biggrin.gif
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Here's the 7 hour update....

145 internal and we're in the plateau for awhile.....
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Mmmmmmmmmmm! biggrin.gif
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yeeeessss sir! That'll get the job done.. A+
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Looking real good!
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Thanks again guys and Girl, biggrin.gif

Here we are at 9 hours. I'll foil it at 155 but I'm still at 149. We're still in the plateau arena.

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Looks great Abel!!! LOOKS GREAT!!!
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OH YA!. Looks awesome. Bet it was tasty.
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LOL, I'm not even done yet unfortunately. Right now, still in the plateau, 2 more degrees and it goes to the foil. I think it will be worth it, I hope to hell it is anyway since this goes to a BBQ for the 4th, biggrin.gif
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I bet its tasty when done......missed a word. LOL
But looks great.
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Not looking to change the thread but I'm in the sunshine state, problem is it's the time of the year we get the liquid sunshine in the afternoon...I plan to do 6 slabs of babybacks and 2 birds..1 beer can..1 not.. Have several couples coming over to have some good Q and watch the NASCAR race..

PLAN A: Cook early, ribs 2-2-1, birds, 4 or 5 to 170. Now is to place in oven at 170 to keep warm. How long can I do this without them drying out. Plan to wrap both in foil before going into the oven. Never tried this before.....can it work????

Plan B: ????? This is where I'm depending on the Guru's to educate me.confused.gif
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