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Lots of 1st here

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Greetings fellow smokers: This is my first post on The Smoking Meats forum I’ve been reading and going to school on this site for several months now, lots of very useful information and good people thanks for all the information everyone has shared.
I live in a suburb of the Cleveland OH area and have been grilling and burning meats for over 40 years. J This past year I’ve re-established contact with my cousin who for the past 20 years has been living in Irving Texas. He always mentions he’s smoking something and I’m always telling him I’m burning something, so I decided to get an easy to use smoker to try out some of the recipes he’s always sending me. I’m a Tool & Die Maker with not very much time on my hands and used to the hurry up I need it life style.

I now own an Old Smokey Electric Smoker, this unit works well for me it’s very easy to use and it stays at 225 degrees with no problem, I’ve smoked pork ribs and beef ribs always using a rub I like, smoked using apple wood, still working on just how much. Last night I tried to pull an all night’r smoking my 1st 9 # pork butt for the July 4th. get together, (I fell asleep a bit past 3AM) when I woke up at 7AM my remote thermostat was at 195 degrees. When I pulled the butt off to wrap in foil the meat just fell apart, I wrapped in foil sprayed with apple juice and put back in for another hour pulled at 205 degrees and it’s now wrapped in 4 towels, the aroma is intoxicating. I’ll pull apart when the meat cools, this I have never done before. Lots of 1st here!

I’m going to make 1 modification to The Old Smokey by drilling a circle of holes in the lid and covering it with a dampener that will open or close to let some of the steam out. I’ve made one other mod by putting a thermostat in the center of the smoking chamber. This unit at 225 degrees works fast, the meat always falls right off the bones it’s so tender, so the modification may come latter than sooner.

Thanks again
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you joined us!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to the forum.

If the butt fell apart at 195 it is done..........don't need to go to 205 if it is falling apart on you.

Don't be shy about sharing a few pics. biggrin.gif
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Making me hungry already. Don't forget the q-view!
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Welcome aboard..this may be your first post but sounds like it's not your first rodeo
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Ok, I'm hungry now. Welcome to the forum
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Welcome! Sounds like you are doing a nice job for your first time.
We like the Q-View, so don't be afraid to share.
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Welcome The Boz. Sounds like you have that smoke under control. NIce job.
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Welcome to the forum. It's a great place filled with knowledge and great people. I know what you mean about not having too much time being in the tool and mold trade myself. Presson and smoke away. Looking forward to seeing the pics of your smokes.
May all your smokes be thin and blue.
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no pic's it didn't happen-welcome to SMF.
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