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Gawga Newby

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Howdy all. Just found this place. I love smoking BBQ and all things hunt'n and fish'n. Thanks for let'n me join in.
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Welcome to the smokin world...lots of good help an people herecool.gif
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Welcome to the forum.
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welcome to the boards
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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome to the SMF!! You'll find lots of friendly folks here waiting to share tips tricks and recipes... check out the 5 day ecourse... its full of good info, only takes a few minutes a day and its FREE!!!
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Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forums!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to the forum. Lots of great people and great smokin' happening here.
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Hey from Douglasville! Which part of the state you in?

Welcome to the SMF biggrin.gif
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Thanks y'all. I am a member of several message boards, mostly outdoor related. But I also visit a few BBQ boards as well. I have an offset Charbroil Brand smoker that I love to cook on. Do'n some ribs this weekend. Love to cook butts, brisket, ribs and chicken. I do a fattie or two most every time as well.Glad to be here.
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Welcome to the Disneyworld of the internet! This is truly one of the greatest places. Lots of great information and great people willing to help you out.
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Pay - Welcome to the SMF. (Gawga - just like my cousins from there used to say it)
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I live in Ephesus in Heard county. I go to Douglasville almost every weekend. I love to eat at Provino's. I take the wife to Arbor Place and Old Time Pottery.
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Have heard good stuff about Provino's. A new Irish Pub is in the same neighborhood, me 'n' the hubby have been there a few times.

OTP - dangerous place.....easy to spend lots in there!
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Welcome to the forum

Paymaster, when I was a young fellow trompin around the woods in your area,
I once came upon a spot that had three stills on about a quarter acre. Course that was just about the time you were born. I imagine there are still some around. Good smokin to yeh!
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Welcome Paymaster.
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Welcome to the SMF. Tell about your smokin' hardware, grillin tuff, and what you've smoked so far. It's all good.
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Welcome abaord, like the Caddis!
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Thanks for the warm welcome y'all.

Right now I have a Charbroil Brand offset smoker,a 3 burner gas grill and a couple charcoal grills. This weekend I did some spares and a couple butts. I do better smoking Brisket and Butts than I do Ribs. I just cannot get ribs the way I want them. Brisket is my favorite even though it takes a long time. I enjoy tending the fire so its all fun to me.
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Welcome to the forum Paymaster! Glad to have you here.smile.gif
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