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WOW defensive anyone? Laptops and smokers, what's next a video camera to wipe your ***?? Or maybe Fazoli’s is authentic Italian food??

I see that this forum is like a lot of internet forums, people get their feelings hurt to easy and get scared so they start in with the insults.

I never have put thermo into meat. Learned the "old" way I guess, time, texture and the look of the meat and just cooking A LOT. I put a lot of time into my food that is why I don't buy an automated biscuit burner. I watch my pit temp constantly. I guess with probes set to the flux capacitor linked to space stations relayed back to the guy who actually cooks my meat would be nice and allow me more time to tinker with my fake GF on the net, "dog" but like I said, I guess I learned the "old" way.

Safety, sure poke the rectal thermo in just when you think it's done, I can see that, but what in God's name is the charting of the butt you smoked last fall during the evening of a full moon going to do for you today? Unless you are doing a documentary on smoking Boston’s, but I hope you are also taking down the outside temp, humidity and wind velocity and if any of that changed during the cook.

I digress.

I see a lot of pics with the chargriller, that is like buying a scooter and claiming it's a Harley, and when you see the $129 grill/smoker on a website like this in conjunction with the 4-5 thermos, that is what is "funny" to me.

If I offended anyone on or stepped on your toes, because of the original post, I apologize.