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Another Rotisserie Turkey Q-View!

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Smoked a 15 lb turkey on the rotisserie, some pics because we just can get enough q-view icon_smile.gif. Man..do these come out good!

Injected it last night with a mix of Sweet Onion and Italian dressings. Did this one at 330° and it was really juicy and flavorful. Took less than 4 hrs.

On to the q-view PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif.

Used a mix of Pecan, Cherry and Hickory.

Thin blue waiting for the bird.

Ready to start spinning.

1hr, quick spray of Pam.

2hrs, another spray of Pam.

3hrs,45 min done!

Sliced, nice smoky flavor and juicy.

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Dave - that bird looked incredible, and super moist. Super props to having cooked yourself a great looking bird! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice Job

I want to do a turkey soon. Man that looks good.
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Thanks...I've been doing a turkey almost every week. We really like them icon_smile.gif. Makes for good sandwiches and salads.
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Dave that turkey looks awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Fine looking bird you have there. Great job.
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Man does that bird ever loog good....might have to bed wifey for a rotisserie...GREAT jobPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Mmmm Dave, that looks wonderful! If you ever get tired of eating the turkeys, send them my way.smile.gif
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Man that looks great!! Looks like the skin crisped up nicely.
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Thanks everyone icon_smile.gif. I hope we don't get tired of them...lol.

My girl lets me smoke all the poultry and fish I want. So if I want to do a lot of smoking got to go with the birds icon_smile.gif. We are trying to eat healthier these days.

Except for tomorrow...ribs, burgers, chicken, dogs, slaw, potato and mac salads. Won't be able to sleep tonight thinking about it biggrin.gif.
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That looks great. Only 5 more months to the holidays and I know I will be definitely be smoking one of these for one of the holiday dinners.
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That is such a beautiful bird! Excellent q-view. Smoked turkey just can't be beat for value or flavor. My best successes on my ECB have been turkeys, and they have been amazing. Does the rotisserie really make a difference with the smoke circulating in the smoker anyhow?

Thanks for bringing a bit of thanksgiving to the fourth of july!
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Thanks Steve...The rotisserie lets the bird cook very evenly and continuously bastes. I pull it off when the temp is 165 in the thick part of the breast, no worries about the rest of the bird being cooked. I'm not sure it gets it any smokier, but it does help to keep it juicy.

I think, and it is just my weird theory icon_smile.gif, the rotating helps keep juices redistributed in the bird. When just sitting in one spot gravity will keep the juices flowing down and eventually out (maybe a good argument for cooking birds breast side down on the grate). The slow spinning maybe helps keeps them in a little longer by changing the direction the juice naturally wants to flow. I see a lot less drippings in the pan when doing them this way. Then again, I could be way off base PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif. But I never had birds consistently come out this juicy and evenly cooked. I don't brine them, inject some dressing instead.
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Dave what kind of smoker do you use that accepts the rotisserie? I have a GOSM wide body and I bet I could put one in that with a little modification icon_idea.gif ... Heck I bet a Butt would be good on the rotisserie if it could be held together biggrin.gif .. Great lookin bird...... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Its actually my big azz gas grill kinda modified into a smoker icon_smile.gif. I'm sure you could mount a universal unit. I was thinking of adding this option to my MES, but I like doing the birds 300+ and the MES won't get there.
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The turkey looks great. Haven't seen one that juicy in a long time.
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Dave, beautiful looking birds! I've done a few turkeys on my Chargriller but never tried it on my Gas. I think I've got the same grill as you with the heat plate in the back. Two questions: Looks like you've got charcoal in your smokebox. what does that do? keep the heat on the wood? Do you use the heat plate in the back? Thanks for some great q-view! Happy 4th.
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Dad..I don't use the back rotisserie burner, just the far right burner under the smoke box. The grill I have has six burners under the grate. So with one on high I get around 330°, on low about 240°. I use some foil to catch drippings and a layer on top to act as a baffle to help distribute the heat.

I use the coals to help keep the wood smoldering. I have the box so only one edge is on the flame (only the burner under the coals is on). Once the coals are helping to keep the wood box hot, I can change the heat without effecting the smoke much.

Heres a couple more pics of the grill and setup. It's been changing as I play with it more icon_smile.gif.

Grill without the side wings on, had to remove them to fit into its new spot.

Made some removable flaps to block up the back vent. I used to use foil.

Added a lower side vent.

Foil catch pan over the unused burners, then a layer of foil over that.

Then foil a grate to act as a baffle.

The smoke box get a foil cover over the wood to stop flare ups.

Then a another piece off foil to complete the baffle. Just pick up the foil on that side to add more wood. I get about an hour before needing to add more.

For smoking other stuff, I add another grate and poke holes in the foil to kinda balance the heat

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Dave, that is awesome! Someone should sticky this part under gas grill section if it's not already there. Great idea on the baffle. Man, you've got it down! Thanks a lot for spending the time. I'm gonna try my rotisserie now to smoke some birds! Real nice.
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lmao.. did that work?
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