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hickory smoked cherry & bourbon lemonade

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Hickory Smoked Cherry & Bourbon Lemonade
2 quarts lemonade (fresh or from concentrate)
1 cup triple sec or orange curacao
2-3 cups bourbon (to taste)
1 cup smoked cherries
Pour over ice.

I hope some try this and have a safe and smoked filled fourth..
Cheers, Coyote.....
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What a great sounding libation!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That sounds good. One question. What kind of cherries should be used?
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[quote=bb53chevpro;219173]That sounds good. One question. What kind of cherries should be used?[/quote

LOL.. the cheapest ones that they sell at the local food chains when in season.
maraschino are good. and really any one that you like that is sweet..find a cold spot in the smoker and smoke em..would not let them dry out. enjoy..
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tested this on the fourth at the kyote's den annual 4ofjuly festivities.

It was a hit..necter of the smoke gods..

I bought a big bag of fresh cherrys w/stems, put them on tin foil layed them on the ribs which were chuggin along at 230 degrees. they stayed in the smoker almost 3 hours I added a little extra wood to kick out the TBS and get a heavy smoke for a little while. they shriveled up a little but were still moist when i removed them from the smoker. I put a cup of them in a glass pitcher then added a cup and change of bourbon and let set for about 15 minutes. then added newmans own lemonade 1/2 gal. and some triple sec 1/2 cup. every one tried the cherrys and said they tasted smokey and seemed to like them as they were polished off in minutes.we made several batches of the cherry bourbon lemonade. was a surpisinly great drink..
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Verdy, verdy, interesting.
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they were out of cherry's at the local shopping place. so, I saw rassberries. grab several boxes and off to the smoker. they were on bout 90 minutes. and got real smokey.but soggy also.not a good thing but not really a bad thing. so I put in a jar 1/2 cup of fine mt. bourbon and a 1/4 cup triple sec. then dropped in the rassberries. put in to fridge for a while to infuse them little morsels. then added 1/2 gal of newman's lemonade.
hit the spot. and helped wash down 3 bb's, a fattie and 24 abt's and a water crest salad.
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Stay thirsty my friend...
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Thanks for bumping this thread back up...hate I missed it the first time!
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LOL. Rich.. It is 5:00 clock some where on my days off..
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