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High and Low Temp Alarms

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For those of you with the Maverick ET-73 -- or any other thermometers that feature alarms -- I was wondering what you set the high and low alarm temps at.

Do you just go with 225-250? Do you go with a tighter range depending on how well the smoker can maintain temp? Do you use a different range depending on what you are smoking?

Just curious.

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You need enough range so that a spike will be noticed, and when your choice of fuel starts to drop it will also be noticed. Hope this helps.
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I do 200 and 260
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200 and 280 here
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That's what I usually go with too.
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Dave, Make it 3 with 200 and 260 here.
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210 to 260....need enough time to replenish the fuel
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a bit off topic, but how do you guys like these thermometers?
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This thread is about the ET-73 and many here like it. (it is why I ended up with mine and I have been very happy) There are other choices out there but I don't know much about them.
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I don't have high/low temp alarms, but i set my low alarm at 210 and keep an eye on things when it gets hot...
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