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Smoked then Fried Chicken?????

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The fam likes it fried...I like everything smoked. I want to try something and wondering if anyone has tried it before. Don't see any posts on it.

I have my chicken pieces in the brine to smoke up tonight and here's what I'm thinking. I want smoked chicken, but I want fried chicken...

So I'm thinking I'll put the pieces on the smoker until just shy of done.
Then double coat in buttermilk/tobasco and self rising flour spiced up with my rub and fry a couple of minutes until golden brown...

Any thoughts?

I'll post the q-view tonight...hope it turns out like I expect eek.gif
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I think you will find that to be awesome!!!

There is a resurant about two hours from me. They do it. It's very good!

I can't wait to hear how yours turns out!!!
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Thanks Smoke_Chef, I'll post for sure when it's done!!
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Some of the best chicken I've ever had was broasted (in the northern part of Illinois). Not sure exactly how hits done, but I think your idea is wonderful....bet it's going to taste great!!
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There used to be a place close to home here in Ny. It was called "Cluk-Cluk Chicken. They specialized in broasted chicken. I believe it was deep fried in a pressure cooker!
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If you pull this off I expect a delivery at my house at 8PM EST. Don't be late or you get no tip. ;)

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That sounds really good KC, I'm anxiously awaiting the outcome... I'll have to add it to the list of things to try!

On a side note, why does my list of things to try seem to be growing faster than I can check them off! :-D
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I think smied chicken is a great idea icon_smile.gif. Looking forward to the results.
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Smied Chicken...NICE!!! biggrin.gif

Don't feel bad...mine too. If only I could smoke daily!!
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Yeah, it is better than "foked" PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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ROTFL!!!!! icon_lol.gif
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LMAO! Yeah, or "froked" imagine telling people you're going to go "froke your chicken"... PDT_Armataz_01_08.gifPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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KC - that's an awesome idea, never would have thought to fuse the two together. Definitely hope to see some qvue of this!
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Sounds good. I have been cooking wings this way for a short time. Its darn good.
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I was in the chat room a while back and suggested doing something similar.

I was thinking of smoking chicken liver at a low temp, not enough to really cook it, but for flavor. Then bread and deepfry. The idea didn't go over so well in the chat room but I thought I would try it anyway, just havent had the time. I'm thinking a semi hot breading after the smoke, might go good with beer as an appetizer. Or maybe a hot rub before the smoke, not sure yet.
Not trying to hijack the thread, but does anyone else think this would be worth a flip? Of course if you don't like chicken liver, I already know yer replywink.gif
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sounds great. i gotta buy a deep fryer
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Can't wait for the q-view kc! Excellent idea!
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Sounds like the best of both worlds can't wait to hear and see how it comes out
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Bring that on. Sounds great.
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