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New MES problems - won't stay on

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Trying to smoke a butt today for the 4th and my MES won't stay on more than 1-3 minutes. I'm not using an extension cord and I've tried two different outlets on my porch. I plug in the MES, set the temp to 225 and set the time to 10:00 and between 1 and 3 minutes later it shuts off. Any ideas?
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Maybe something is shorting out causing it to shutoff? Does the element get hot?
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Is there a built in ground fault interrupter on that thing? If so... try setting it on blocks off the ground... and check the wiring for frays,cuts.
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It's not on a GFI circuit and the cord looks clean, no nicks dings etc. The MES is off the ground on a furniture dolly so I can roll it around.
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Dang... I dunno your tech level, but can ya open up the control and see what's shutting it down? Perhaps an overheat control has gone bad? At this point...I'd suspect a malfunction of some sort.
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Since it's about 3 weeks old and I've only cooked in it twice I'm calling Masterbuilt to see what they say.
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Good call, dude... don't void the warrenty!
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Don't hesitate to call the Mfg.

Try unplugging the digital unit with the power on, but unplug at the connection to the cabinet with the small wire plug.

Did you pre-season the MES and did the MES achieve the recommended 275 temp to pre-season?

Did you buy the MES from a local store, if you already called Mfg, and no joy, then don't hesitate to exchange for new MES at local store.

If you have an electric multimeter, and know how to use it check the amps at the outlet you are using. Most home outside outlets are 15 amps, some even 20 amp. If the outlet is 10 amps and cheap wire, you might have a problem there.
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Seasoning went fine and I've cooked in it twice with no problems. Nothing's changed since I cooked in it Saturday. It's in the same spot and I'm using the same outlet. I bought it from the local Sam's and I was trying to decide if it would be faster and easier to just exchange it there instead of dealing with Masterbuilt.
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Hmmm... first off..if it's shutting down and not blowing a breaker, it's not gonna read any amperage.

Second...on the amperage range how do you check an outlet with the meter? POOF.

It's a problem with the unit if he's not smoking wiring or popping breakers.
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Ya you need an ampmeter to measure amps, and you have to break the circuit......... anyhoos I think going back to SAMS would probably be your best bet if you want it resolved soon. I'm waiting on a call from them to schedule a service call for my currently malfunctioning MES, in fact they should have called by now...... hmmmmmm? Better get on the horn with them and find out whats up.

Keep us posted on how they handle it please. Hopefully it goes well for you.
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Did you reset the control panel? From the manual: "Turn off smoker, unplug unit, wait ten seconds, plug back in. This will reset the control panel"

Also try setting the timer one hour at a time at a different time.

I don't think there is anything else you can do. Calling customer service probably won't help for now and you want to smoke right? Sam's may be your best bet.

Good luck!
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Ron, it looks like that worked. I plugged it in, turned it on, set the time and temp then I powered it off and unplugged it for about 10-15 seconds. I plugged it back in and set the time to 1:10 and temp to 275 and it seems to be working. I lowered the temp to 225 a few minutes ago. I'm going to watch it for a little bit longer before I transfer my butt from my grill to the MES.
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Wow...let's hope it continues.. Nice save, Ron!

Electronics... shoulda thought of the re-boot...heh! Oh, wait I have a Mac I don't HAVE to!
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Good deal!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I can't remember but I'm starting to think that I may have unplugged the MES before I powered it off when the ribs were done Saturday. Apparently unplugging it for 10 seconds after it powers itself off isn't the same thing as powering it off and then unplugging it for 10 seconds. eek.gifbiggrin.gif
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Glad ya'll got that figured out I woulda hated to have seen all your hard work seasoning that thing up for the big smoke go to waste.
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Glad it worked out for you. I usually power down and unplug the unit.
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It's doing it again today and this time resetting the control panel isn't working. I believe it's time for it to go back to Sam's.
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Damm damm DAMM!

Was afraid something wasn't square there... and on the Fourth of course...Yeesh!
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