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"First" brisket

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Well, technically this isn't my first brisket. but I haven't done one in two years. The last one was shortly after I started smoking meat and I hadn't met any of you folks. That brisket came out chewy and dry.

Here's the brisket. (Sorry, I forgot to look at how much it weighed.)

I trimmed a lot of the fat off and split the flat and the point.

I threw together a rub consisting of 2 packages of Lipton onion soup mix, about a half tablespoon of cracked black pepper and 1/2 cup of brown sugar. (We'll see how this works.)

It's covered in plastic wrap and in the fridge until tomorrow.
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Looks like a good start will be looking for more Qview tomorrow!! Happy smoking
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Good luck and let us know how it goes. Interesting idea on the onion soup mix...you might be on to something.
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Nice start let us know how it turned out.
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I like the Onion Soup mix idea, please keep us posted.
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Why did you seperate the point???
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Here's a pic from 3 hours into the smoke. The smoker is at 240°. The thickest part of both the point and the flat are at 161°. I'm planning on taking them both to about 185°.

The plan is to slice the flat and use the point to make some burnt ends. I've got the pan in the smoker to catch the juices and use them when I serve the brisket.

To answer the questions about splitting the brisket, I did it for a couple of reasons. I figured the smaller pieces would get up to the final temp quicker. Since I was planning on doing some burnt ends, I thought it would be quicker to get them cut up and back into the smoker if the point was already separate from the beginning of the smoke.
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Splitting the brisket is interesting. I wouldnt trim all the fat off, leave at least 1/4 inch on the cap as it will help keep the meat moist.

I know you mentioned a previous brisket was tough and chewy...Make sure that meat gets above 180 degrees too...I have read betweem 180 and 205...

Let us know how it turns out...That point will make some great burnt ends!!!
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He's right, Brisket will be chewy at 185, gotta cook till a probe slides in with NO resistance, that may be 190 or 210.....
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I just tried to leave a 1/4 inch or so, but sometimes I didn't cut where I should have. The point still has plenty of fat marbled through it so I put it on the shelf above the flat. I figured that would let the fat that is rendering out of the point drip down and baste the flat.

I'll see how things feel when it gets to 185°. I thought I had read taht 185° to 190° was when you should pull a brisket if you were going to slice it, and 200° to 205° was if you intended to pull it.
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The brisket's done, and it turned out GREAT!! It took about 8 1/2 hours with smoker temps running 225° to 240°. I used a mix of hickory and cherry for the smoke.

The brown sugar with the onion soup mix turned it into sort of a glaze on the outside of the brisket. The inside was juicy and tender.

I gave samples to the neighbor and to some folks from the church who came over to take out a tree. The reviews were VERY positive. I'll be doing brisket this way again.

Here is the point. It got cubed up and went back into the smoker.

Here is the flat and the juice that dripped off the brisket and into the catch pan.

And the sliced brisket... The MES doesn't make a smoke ring since it doesn't use any charcoal.
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Looks great. i can taste it from here.
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Very nice!
What temp did ya pull it at?? biggrin.gif
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I pulled it out of the smoker at 188° internal temp.
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Still looks pretty tasty from here!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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VERY good looking! Great Q-view
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Terry, i know your a corn boy and i can't hold against you. Really like the q-view. Hope my Mildcats whip your corn boys this year.
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Hey Homebrew -- nice work. I need to get a brisket going myself. (never done one)
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LQQKING great so far, Terry. My mama used to make burgers with the onion soup mix. They were great. BTW, the 2 butts came out great. Thanks!
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Glad to hear the butts were a success! Way to go!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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