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chicken thighs w/ q-view!

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second attempt at smoking and i'm loving the mistakes! here we have some chicken thighs with too much rub on them. they turned out a little too salty but all in all i'm very pleased with the outcome...

250-300 degrees until i ran out of charcoal (motherf*&^%!), i could only get them to 162 after about two hours, so i foiled them off to the oven for a push.


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They look yummy...too much rub or not!
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Looks good.

One tip when running low on fuel might be to use less water in your water pan.
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Too much rub? NEVAHHHHHH!!!!!
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Trivial mistake, at least they were still eat-able. Just a suggestion but have you ever tried putting the rub on the meat and letting it sit overnight before putting it on the smoker? The spices have time to penetrate the meat and really give it a YUM-factor that people sure do enjoy biggrin.gif

Good luck on your next smoke!
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You can still have a good smokey flavor, just don't eat the skin.
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thanks for all the suggestions!

less water in the pan makes sense. i actually liked these so much that i took the smoker to the beach and smoked some more for my fam. but they cooked way too fast and hit 170 without taking on alot of smoke, and the skin was like boot leather. it was tasty boot leather though... what did i do wrong?
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Too fast/high temp. Takes time to smoke... with poultry it's a trade-off between rubber and leather skin. Experience with different cuts will help. Generally, the smaller cuts can be smoked lower in temp than whole birds, and still get a decent skin. Also no worries on danger zone issues!
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