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For seasoning a new smoker do both barrels have to have briquets in them
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I am guessing that you are talking about the firebox as well as the food chamber............just the firebox will do just fine IMO
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My fire box is about 3 quarters the size of a 5 gal. pail. Mine came with no paper work and I am new to this. About how much charcoal
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Uhh......will you accept "as much as it takes" as an answer? PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

I would probably start with a chimney full of unlit and pour a chimeny of lit on top of it, have the vents wide open and see what happens............let it rip.

If the temps get ridiculously hot, then shut the air intake down some.......if the temps don't get hot enough, then blow a hair dryer (or any small fan) into the vent to get the temps up to where you want them.
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what fatback said sounds good, just the fire box, a good fire/ heat in there will produce the heat needed to char the food chamber, i also season all my grills by buying a cheap pack of bacon and smeering it all over thr grates, then laying the bacon on the grates for the burnin, just my 2 cents friend, hope this helps
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