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I'll make this short and sweet... the Smokenator is well worth the money!! It's awesome that I can take the perfect grill and turn it into an awesome smoker for $50.00!! The Smokenator works really well, you won't be sorry.
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No one is knocking the smokenator, In fact I considered buying one to replace my cut baking tray setup, which I have used for years. Instead I have replaced my weber kettle mod with a MES, as you are happy with your smokenator, I like my smoking upgrade too. :)
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My 2 cents - I didn't see your post knocking the Smokenator....you made an interesting mod and didn't pay $50 (if I was smarter I might have done the same thing). That's what it's all about....sharing knowledge!!
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My brother is law has a Weber kettle and has been wanting to get into smoking ever since I got my smoker. I just emailed him the link to the smokenator. He is gonna love it.
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I'm with you Wutang on the smokenator.....I've had mine for I guess over a year now......works great.
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I love my Webber Kettle's, I have never seen the Smokenator before, I wish I had though. I've cooked many turkey's on them, like was mentioend before, place a drip pan in the center and do indirect cooking with the lid on. The gold series kettle is the best, the flip up sides on the cooking grate make it so easy to add charcoal or wood, and the ash pan is the best invention ever, no ashes blowing all over the porch and clean up is easy.
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