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I'm Back, but will be lurking

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I haven't been her since last fall, my wife was diagnosed with a disease that does not allow her to eat smoked foods and limited amounts of pork. She has also developed an intolerance to salt. I was going to sell the smoker but she made me keep it and we are experimenting with recipes and smoking methods so she can enjoy Que on a limited basis.

We think we have the salt problem fixed by using Celtic Sea Salt, this is very pure and is actually good for you. I will try to post our findings so that it might help other people down the road.

I need to develop a new spray as there is apple juice in the one I use and it has s slight affect on her.

She has just informed me that we are doing pork ribs for the 4th of July, she said she's taking one for the team. By the way her reaction is itching like hives when she eats the wrong thing, but she has natural supplements which help her control the effects.
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she sounds like a real trooper, and a keeper for sure. Maybe you can give her some brisket while she's holding up a picture of ribs while shes eating!wink.gif

Have a happy 4th!
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Good to see you! Sorry about your wife's problems! Hopefully you will be able to work through them!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Aww man! Bad deal! So sorry for the misfortune!

Hmm on the salt... I don't know what if any MEDICAL reactions she has, or is it she just can't stand the taste? Because..for the most part... sodium chloride is sodium chloride- Yes, some has less imputities, and if that what the trouble is, Kosher is pure as it comes as well.

On Edit: I should have said impurities AND additives... notably Iodine, and some anti-caking agents as well in table salt.
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welcome back.

sorry to read about your wifeicon_sad.gif
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It is not so much the salt, but the additives and processing used for commercial salt that bothers her. Celtic Sea Salt is the purest form and it does not bother her. It is hard to store as it has no anti-caking agents and humidity causes it to clump. But we have added rice and that absorbs the moisture. We're hoping in a couple more months that she can start incorporating different foods again.
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Ahh.. OK I mention Kosher only because it is pretty pure, and undoubtedly ALOT less expensive. Good luck... and if it is an allergy type thing they CAN come and go, and sometimes just disappear.
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Welcome back and good luck!
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