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Boneless Back Ribs? W QVIEW

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That's what Sam's calls them. I was going to do them last night but didn't have enough cure time on them.

I used 3 tbs of the cure, and the ribs weighed just under 3 #.

I talked to Richtee on chat and he sugested to cure for 24 hours though the bag of Morton's Tender Quick Says 4 - 8. I took his advice and left them for 24 hours, Thanks Richtee!!

Tonight I took them out rinsed them off and did a fry pan test and wifey said SALTY.

So I ran into Richtee again tonight and asked for his advice again. He said soak for 1/2 - 1 hour which I did. Here is the result.

Wifey passed the salt test, and onto the smoker. I started @ 240 but quiclky lowered it to 190 as the temps were already about 100' internally. I wanted some smoke.

Nice TBS going on here.

After about 1 hour I spritzed them with apple juice and guess whatelse? I had a bottle of triple sec about 8 years old, added about 1/2 ratio to apple juice for kicks. For those that dont know what that is it is an orange liqueur.

Thanks again RICHTEE!! You da man!

As Always Thanks for following this QVIEW.
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Looking good so far Ron!
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After About 2 /2 Hours

Thanks guys.

They are at 140' will pull at 150'.

I'm still smoken' them! Ahh, the aroma!
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Kinda a Country Style Rib, ya think confused.gif
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No they are the meat right above the rib itself. If ya look at a back rib It is shaved from the loin. That confirmed from the butcher at Sam's.

A coutry rib usualy comes of the butt not the loin, whether bone in or boneless .
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So ya have a chunk of a boneless pork loin?
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Looks like fillet of half loin to me!

I bet its gonna be good reguardless. Boneless pig parts, gotta love that.
Lookin forward to the big finish Ron.
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Took them off at less than 150' they look great but somewhat dry.

I would not reccomend them! Too lean, just MHO.

They are easy but not worth the effort. I had better results on the Weber gas grill in about 2o minutes.
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whatever the cut its pork, and looks good ron!!! orange goes good with pork eh!!!
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Well they look great Ron PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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What was the purpose of the curing, were you trying to make Canadian Bacon?
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That looks great Ron!
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150º was good temp to pull them, but maybe some wrapped bacon would have helped with the dryness??
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Either that or ham.icon_sad.gif

Wife likes both.

Flash, that's what I thought too. Just too thin and lean I think.

I didn't like the deep scoring that they did to look like a rib.

Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained. We'll see what the wife says tonight. I won't tell her what my opinion is, let her be the judge.icon_evil.gif

Thanks for all the comments!!
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leave it to Sam's or Wally world to score a piece of loin and call it boneless ribs!

I was wondering if you did the scoring or they did!.

Live and learn I guess!confused.gif
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Have you tried slicing it sorta thin and pan frying? You basically made bacon, might make a big difference in the taste!! wink.gif
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The Verdict Is In

Wife liked it tonight. I just steamed it a bit and she likes it. Says it tasted like ham. She said "would you slice me some for lunch?"


Bubba, it is very, very lean, no fat at all. Maybe a quick pan fry would do it just to heat, but other than that I think it would dry further, unless you plopped 3 eggs on top, yum! Maybe that will be Sunday breakfast.

Capt Dan said,

All modern butchers, Grocers, are always looking to fool the customer. I knew what I was buying, just didn't know they were scored so deep.

I guess I can chalk this up as a success. As long a Mikey, no I mean wifey likes it that is all that matters. I have found the same thing with other smokes, it always tastes better the next day.

Thanks everyone!!

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