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9.75 lbs Butt - Page 2

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Wow looks great and I like the red bell pepers in there too. A fine looking feast for sure
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Thanks for all the great comments. It was truely a 10. I couldn't have dreamed it to be any better.

Capt. I don't know if it really made a dif. or not by scoring the fat cap other than the logical. Score the fat so the smoke gets into the meat. Just my 2 cents.
This butt was sooooo juicey, we poured almost 2 cups of juice out of the foil after resting for an hour. Added some corn starch and sliced shrooms to make gravey. It was great.

Jerry the red peppers are the gassers. (peppers stuffed with chili and mozza cheese)
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Great job Andy! Congrats on the successful smoke
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