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fatty or what w/qview

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not to sure bout this one mama was out ta sams and found a jar of large green olives but not stuffed with pimintos but stuffed with penoes oh wow them were kick *** so today she took a pound of ground beef mex cheese olives and noonday onions and said here smoke this well i took no pics thinking the worst but its hard to screw up a fatty.
well it come out wow now what ta call it any idears.

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Do you have a period key on your puter?? lol
Looks good whatever it is....wink.gif
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Could just call it great looking grub biggrin.gif cause it looks great
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no i had it fixed no more pms out this wonconfused.gif
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how was it ?

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Looks good Terry.
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How about calling it a Fat Loaf? Looks good and I'm sure it tasted great. Congrats.
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this went over great with coworkers they called it stuffed olive meatloaf i think we can do better dont ya'll
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nice fatty, this gives me ideas with wrapping onions on the out side of the fatty.
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I'd have to say it's still a Fatty... but it sure looks tasty. LOVE those olives! Look for 'em with bleu cheese or garlic clove centers YUMMY..or in my case anchovy filling heh :{)
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Yep, it be a fatty... and looks tasty too!

We're kinda partial to the garlic and jalapeno stuffed olives... never last long around here...

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garlic stuffed olives sounds good were do ya find them.
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A Fatty, by any other name......
Looks great!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job. Thats the way to create, let the imagination run wild.
Is there any left for me to try that one?
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^sure come on over n bring a cold one or 6
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