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Stoker Calibration

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Does anyone know the best (and easiest) way to calibrate a Stoker temperature probe?

Using my Chargriller with SFB, I have my Stoker probe on one side, and my old Walmart wireless digital probe on the other side (trying to see the difference between the 2 sides).

I'm getting readings of over 100* difference between the 2. now, I currently don't have my ash pan flipped (normally I flip it to work as a makeshift baffle). So I understand there will be some differences in the readings from one side of the grill to the other. But over 100* seems a bit much. I'm thinking I need to calibrate it somehow.

I'm at a pretty high altitude (Salt Lake, Utah) so I'm thinking maybe it was calbrated at sea level and now needs to be recalibrated at my high altitude- or maybe it's just out of calibration altogether...
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boil some water and insert your probe the temp should be 212 degrees.

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Without mods, your readings are probably correct.
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I do have the smokestack mod...

What if it doesn't read 212 when boiling. How would I adjust it?
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i don't know if there is an adjustment on the electronic ones,you just have to add or subtract the differance,there's no adjustment on mine that i can see.
also are you at a higher alt?

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Yeah, I'm at a higher altitude (Salt Lake).
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Why not just contact the stoker guys at Rock's BBQ?

Rock's Bar-B-Que
35367 Fircrest St. Unit I
Newark, CA 94560

Hours M-F 9-6 P.S.T.
Tel : 510 792 7700
Fax : 510 792 7701
email :
Map to Rock's Bar-B-Que
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Serial number tells all

All probes are calibrated at the factory. You should have gotten a calibration number when you bought the probe. If not email Rock the number and they can tell you what the offset value is.

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I was trying to avoid contacting Rock (read on another forum that he recently had a heart attack, so I figured I wouldn't trouble him with anything simple to fix).

It looks like I might not have a choice though if it's all done at the factory...
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