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newbie in maine

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been reading here on and off for a bit, jumped in yesterday and bought a kenmore propane smoker from sears.....

seasoned it this AM, and tossed in a fatty and some ABT's


i know i have some learning to do, but i started easy and what came out tasted good

and i already have some changes, improvements in mind

beyond that: i teach middle school, married with two daughters, 4 & 2, flyfish a ton, and hope to smoke a whole bunch more stuff.....mackerel might be in my future, but i am a tad worried about fouling the box, so to speak! biggrin.gif
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p.s. - thanks to all for the fabulous archives full of info!

i've only scratched the surface, and already feel ahead of the game!
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Once again, welcome to smf tims. You have any questions, just ask away. Somebody will be around to answer them for you.
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you found us!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Looks great and welcome to SMF way to jump right in and get er done!
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I thought I smelled smoke?

I thought I smelled smoke? Welcome to SMF! We Mainah's need to convert the northeast to real bbq so that we can "bond" with the rest of this Good Land. Also, since this is vacation land, maybe they can get some q with the lobsta!

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if i am not mistaken, i think i have eaten some of your food.....out of winthrop perhaps? a famous woodpile even?
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Ok, Tim?

Are you my cousin?
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I know who you are!

This is Smok'n Steve's better half -- it all looks yummy -- is Meg enjoying the food? (hope we correctly guessed who this is) Bet you're having fun with the girls.

Smok'n Steve's Nurse
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you guessed right

peppers were too hot, sausage isn't her thing

she wants those are next (actually, i've been dehydrating a ton of jerky this week, for a trip out i'll try some of that tomorrow, too)
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here is a solution for you. Steve has modified the ABT recipe by using the "mini" sweet peppers that Sam's Club sells. Substitute those for the hot peppers & I guarantee you won't have any leftovers. Have fun on your trip.
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Glad to have you as a member of the SMF. Nice lookin' smoker, and great lookin' Q too!
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Welcome Tim. Food is looking good.
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any Maine contests?

Are there any KCBS contests in Maine this year? What happened to the Great State of Maine event?

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I have never heard of any organized bbq comps here?

I have never heard of any organized bbq comps here? any one know of one, let me know:-)

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