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Makin' Bacon

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Had a couple of pieces of belly (about 2lbs) in the freezer doing nothing, so I thawed them out and hit them with the Hi Mountain Buckboard cure. Never had used it on belly, just on butts so was curious how it would come out........and it was easier than making my own cure.

Had them curing for a week or so, then soaked, and smoked with hickory while I was making jerky. End result.........tasted like bacon.......imagine that, but I think I like it better on butts then on belly FWIW

Out of the cure and soaked

After the smoking


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Damn! That looks just like baconbiggrin.gificon_exclaim.gif
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Joe, that's some nice looking bacon.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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beautiful. points!
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way to go Joe!! looks yummy :)
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Bacon looks great.
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You had me at "tastes like bacon"
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It's Baaaacon!!!
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