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Got my first peice of butt last night !

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I ordered a 10 LB. bonein shoulder on Thursday......well the butcher called me Saturday morning with great news ........She said if I wanted this piece of butt I needed to get down to her shop and grab it.
She said 5 people where eyeing the butt asking her if she would sell it.
Well seeing I have been a good costomer she held the butt for me like a honest butcher should do.

When I got to she shop I was shocked to see that she had deboned the great looking butt.icon_evil.gif

When I asked her where the bone went ......she got this look on her face like oh crap...........she then porceeded to tell me that she screwed up and deboned it................I told her not too worry I would still take it.

She felt so bad about it ......that she instested on giving me the butt for free !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tried too pay for it and she said no it's yours for free because she screwed up.biggrin.gif

Well Saturday nite me and that nice free piece of butt had a few Racer 5 ..... beers,well 4 to be exact.
Then the lov'in started ....I proceeded to rub the butt with my favoret rub.........I did try the yellow mustard frist on this butt.
Well seeing this butt was deboned I rubbed and then tied it up nice and tight...with cooking twine .........making sure I hit all of the nooks and crannies with the mustard and rub.

Well I woke up this morning and stuck this beautiful butt into a hot smoker.
Here is the Qview of the the butt as she went on to the smoker fat cap down.

I will show the progress of this nice butt with Qview.
Wish me luck !!!!!

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LOL, I am going to assume those temps of 228º are smoker temp and not internal.......otherwise I would already be eating. wink.gif
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yup you assumed correctly...lmbo!!!!!
I use the remote thermo to keep an eye on my smoker temp.
I set the alarm too 245 degrees that way if I get a temp spike it will alert me .
If you look real colse you can see it hanging above and behind the meat.
(it looks like it's in the meat but it's not it's just hanging there.)

I have another thermo stuck into the butt it is up to about 90 degrees internal now almost time to start spray'in the apple juice and Capt Morgan's.

I'll make sure I have extra Capt.and coke on hand for the plateau.
Have a great Sunday y'all.

Q view too follow.

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nice looking butt you got there.............hehehe
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Fork, that first piece of butt is memorable. Glad it was free. haha. Looks very good. Nice job.
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It does look good!
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up date ....with Qview !!!!

Well she's up too 135 internal temp now .......the apple juice and Capt have been sprayed two times ......heres what she looks like at 135 degrees.

I do have one what temp of the butt should I throw in the try of Dutch's baked beans ???????

Thanks a bunch ....with out y'all I couldn't of do this.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I usually smoke the beans for a couple hrs or so. If you are just now at 135* you could have a ways to go yet. I don't know, times vary so much. Maybe put the beans on when you foil the butt.
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I agree with that.

Nice lookin butt ya got there, and the price is perfect.
Hey, I hate to tell ya this but, you got a frickin goose on top of your other smoker!PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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That ain't no smoker ..........lmao !!! that's my weber grill behind my smoker........come on I thought you people where pro's!.......LMAO!!!!!!

he's getting lessons from the week it could be him if he makes the cut..........LOL !!!

Thanks everyone ........I couldn't have done this without y'alls help!
I really mean that !

my butt has hit her plateau at 148 degrees I guess now is the time to really get the bark going.......been spary'in wit the Capt and apple juice and everyother spray I have been hitting her wit Capt. and coke.

More Qview to come before I foil at 165 degrees!!!

Once again thank's a bunch y'alls!!!!

your smoke'in friend.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Dam you can tell by my spell'in and typ'in that much more Capt. and coke are making it's way down me ,then onto the butt.......lmao !!!!
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Ok butt from hell.......well I started this butt at 7:00 am.
it's now 10:06 pm and she just reach 195 degrees.I ran the smoker at 230 for most of the smoke.....heck took a lot longer then expected.
Guess I'll be pull'in my pig late tonight.
oh well should be great eats for the rest of the week.
sorry no Qview it's late and I'm dam tired.

looks awesome......hope it tastes half as good as it looks.
Thank you all for your help.
Good night.
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LOLOL.......i am not laffing at you........i am laffing WITH you........welcome the hell of the plateu...........we all have been there, but it will be one excellant tasting piece of pork i bet..........
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I ran into the same problem.
Mine got stuck at 161* for about 90 mins, During the braising, it got stuck again @ 184, so I let it sit for awhile longer in the smoker and put it in the oven at about 190 to get it up to 195 so I could stow it in the cooler in time to make our weekly softball game! Total cook time was about 11 hours.

Here's to long smokes and sweet pig!

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Looking forward to the rest of your Qview its looking great!!
The plateaus are a pain but the meat is better for it I had a smaller butt stall for 3 1/2 hours today (yesterday for me now) and when I pulled it it was moister and had a better smoke ring then the other one I did today that had a short plateau. Great reason to start way before you need that butt done a few extra hours in the cooler only makes it better.
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Looks great.
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