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First Chuck roast on my GOSM

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Really it is my first chuck roast period. Chuck roast was always one of my favorite things to make in a crockpot for shreaded beef sandwiches. When I started smoking, I saw a chuck roast at the store and wondered if it was a good candidate for smoking. I had never heard of anyone smoking a chuck roast, so I checked the posts. Sure enough, many people were doing it with a lot of success. So, here we go. I love smoking new things, keeps things intertesting. I am also doing a couple of Fatties and am posting about them in another forum.

I will post pics along the way. Here it is just sitting out and knocking the chill off before heading into the smoker along with the Fatties
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N6, I just did one last week for the first time & was fairly happy. I think next one I will inject with something before smoking. Keep us posted.
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Do you know which type of chuck roast you are using? Chuck eye, top blade, underblade, etc??
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Chuckies are great for pulled beef!
Be prepared, they take longer than butts, cook to 200 at least, sometimes higher. When your probe slides in like butter, rest for an hour and pull, GREAT stuff! wink.gif
P.S. foil at 170 and keep all the juices.
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Bubba - good tip on the chuck roast smoking instructions. I've been eyeing the boneless chuck roasts at the meat shop and am ready to make the purchase this week.

Good luck on the smoke Norrell! Hope to see some pics of the finished product!
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Chuck turned out great. Served it up with some homemade mac-n-cheese. Also made Jeff's sauce for the first time. I was skeptical about the sauce. I really only paid for the rub recipe, but I really love the sauce. I cut the cayenne in half and the pepper in half. Was perfect for my taste ( a little spicy for the rest of my family). Cant wait to smoke something else next weekend.
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LOL, we upped the cayenne because we thought it was too sweat biggrin.gif
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