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Newbie from New Mexico

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Hello fellow meat lovers! I just joined the forum after completing a New Braunfels gas conversion! Heck I am so excited about I made a blog with tons of pics!

Smoke on!!!!
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welcome to smf!!! lookin forward to sharin some smokes!!!
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Welcome to the SMF, best smokin' site this side of Mother Earth. Lookin' forward to some smokin' NM chile recipes, and Viva Nuevo Mexico!
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you found us!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome BMXDAD. Awesome convert on your smoker. Impressive. Thanks for sharing those photos. Nice job.

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Welcome to the forum!
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welcome to de should be able to find great spices and chilis for your rubs being from NM..

Great job on your smoker..
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Glad to be here! Here in NM we eat chili as a staple not a condiment lol! Sometimes we even count it as the vegetable on a dish!

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Welcome, I am in Rio Rancho. This is a great forum for learning!!!
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LOL.... here in Las Cruces the catholics use a ring slice of jalepeno for the body of christ in the holy communion..
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Welcome BMXDad...great pictures!
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Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
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Welcome BMXDAD, you will find tons of great info here on SMF, check out the 5 day ecourse, its fun and has lots of info
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