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Today's smoke, ribs and Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans

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I picked up a rack of loin ribs earlier this week and thanks to SMF, I learned how easy it was to cut them St. Louis style. Last night I made up a batch of KCBS rub from Raichlen's Sauces, Rubs & Marinades book and let that sit on the ribs overnight. While they were on the smoker I made a batch of Memphis style sauce also from the same book. The sauce wasn't necessary but I like to make it for the kids and for putting on sandwiches. biggrin.gif The ribs tasted good but I think they were a little over cooked. I went be the 3-2-1 method but I'll need to adjust some now that I'm using the MES. I put the loin trimmings in the beans and they came out great. My wife said I should leave out the pineapple next time. icon_rolleyes.gif

Getting better with the q-view but I missed a pic of the cut ribs. icon_frown.gif

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Great loooking smoke you have going there. What is in the pot on the stove, bbq sauce?

I have a few MES's and have played around with ribs on them. I also haven't perfected them in a MES, but each time they get better. Keep on experimenting !!!
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Everyone in my family told me not to add the pineapple but after eating them they ALL told me they couldn't imagine the recipe without them!
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MossyMO - Ya, that's the BBQ sauce I made.
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Looks great nice job!
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Grerat lookin' Q you've got there. I can tell you're already thinking about your next rib smoke...
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Good looking smoke! I always end up with extra pineapple in Dutch's beans.
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Nice firebaugh.
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Looks good!! And yes sneak that pineapple in those beans!
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I sure am, I bought Jeff's rub and sauce recipes. biggrin.gif

I bought crushed pineapple hoping it would disappear into the beans.
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And my wife wants larger chunks than called for. biggrin.gif
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Where can I find a receipt for your kcbs rub and bbq sauce? Im new here and wondered if that was a secret or if you had it posted somewhere.
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firebaugh, I use crushed pineapple in my beans quite often and happened upon it by accident. I was at the grocery store and grabbed the crushed by mistake and didn't realize it until I got home and opened the cans up (oops-to late to take back and exchange now). When folks ask about the pineapple taste when I use crushed, I just tell 'em that it's my mystery ingredient.
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