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Apple Wood

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Quick question. Used apple for the first time ever smoking and I couldn't even tell them meat was smoked. I use hickory 99% of the time because i like it. After the apple it had no bite to it. I like to taste the smoke. Any thoughts on apple wood would be appreciated.

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Scott I too found it to be a very light if there taste. I think I will try it on some chicken next but for beef and butts I'll stick with hickory. It should probally be good on fish too.
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It is a light smoke to me too. I use it when I cold smoke nuts, honey, some cheeses and olives. I also smoke for a longer period of time than ususal.
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It does give a light flavor... try mixing it.... i like a blend of apple and cherry with chicken....
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That's exactly what I was thinking BLBBQ - just bought myself some apple chips and plan on mixing it with some of the precious cherry chunks I received from a friend, to use on some ribs this week.
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If yer used ta hickory, any a the lighter woods are gonna taste like it's not there. It is a mild wood suited fer say chops, fish, fatties an such, beef is gonna overpower it, so will the larger cuts a pork.

As others have said ya can mix it in, but you still will not have a heavy smoke, It like other mild woods er suited fer certain smokes an some just need hickory.
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I feel the same way, use Hickory most of the time. I don't seem to get the deep flavor I like without some Hickory going. I usually mix Hickory with Cherry or Apple for poultry. Pork is always Hickory. Beef gets Hickory and Mesquite. Will try Apple on my next salmon smoke.
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For my personal taste, Hickory is just too strong for me. So it makes sense that apple is my favorite wood to smoke with. I use it for just about everything. However, for long smokes like Boston Butts, I mix it about 50/50 with Oak.

I will say that I have done 2 cooks of spares side by side. One with strait apple and lump, and another with just lump. While apple isn't strong, you sure know when it isn't there.
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I've had the same experience, so I now mix apple with mesquite or hickory. It does help the mild apple taste.
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on some things.........hickory is just too the mushrooms i did........folks who ate em, loved em, but thought the smoke was to next time, will use apple.........did you use apple for the entire smoke?.......and was the smoke heavy?

I have used apple before, and love the taste, specially on pork......but i also smoke it heavy.........
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My mushrooms were terrible. They didn't turn out worth a crap. To dry. Yes i smoked with apple the whole time. I will smoke some fish with apple next time to give it a chance. I'm mostly a hickory fanatic.
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i use apple on fish mostly, pecan is a little heavier but if you want something substantial without going all the way to hickory some seasoned sugar maple might be in order...
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