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GOSM Big Block Regulator Help Please

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I had a recent fire while smoking and it consumed my regulator and hose where it attaches to the Propane tank.

I checked all over town, (pretty small and slim options) for a suitable hose, but nobody carries the fittings (square shape) that attaches to the piece the knob that controls the flame that you slip into the burner. Sorry for being ignorant and not knowing the proper names.

any way does anybody the original paper work that shows the part number for the regulator assembly. I need to buy a new one if it is possible.
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Try this site should find what your looking for and maybe order it too
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Thanks I will check it out.
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Looks Like I need the part number, I think the regulator came as part of an assembly and I need the part number to find out which to order.

Pineywoods good find you hooked me up big time. thanks again.
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mine is labeled from "Marshall Gas Controls" and model # 45I, also my GOSM is an old old model, prob 5-6 years old but is a big block. hope it helps out!!!! we got to get that smokin again, this time TBS!!! glad we can laff about it!!!
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Still looking for the part number for the knob/hose and regulator assembly so I can purchase a new one, anybody still have there paper work?
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This is from my copy of a PDF file.
11 1 Control Panel Assembly AZ002058
11a 1 Push-Button Igniter AZ002016
11b 1 Control Knob AZ002015
Hope this helps. If needed, pm me and I'll send a copy of the PFD file to you.
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Try this link scroll down then select smokers then just select the model # Hope this does it for ya
Same website different page and it should pull up the entire manual it did for mine
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I don't know if this will help you but this is off the Big Block.

Burner chamber Assembly AZ001145

It shows the whole assembly with burner, knobs, and tank hookups in one piece. I can break it down to smaller parts but by the sounds of it you need the whole thing. here is phone # not sure if its good or not. 1-888-869-5454 as this is a older model.

Hose/Valve/Regulator Assembly (HVR) AZ001159
Rotary Ignitor AZ000305
Ignitor Knob AZ000604
Control Knob AZ001510
Control Panel Nameplate AZ001136
Ignitor Electrode Assembly AZ001158
Venturi AZ001157
Gasket AZ001156
Brass Burner AZ001155

Thats all the part numbers I have. These are part numbers from 2003 booklit for GOSM Big Block
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wow, the part just cost me 84 bucks, holy moly. thanks for everyones help. kinda hard to pull the trigger on it but I purchased it anyway. heck I saw where a couple peeps on the site bought the whole unit for less than that.
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