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Freezing ?

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Does anyone have a comment on the of freezing smoked meat? Or is that too dumb a question to ask?
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I freeze all the time makes for great quick meals. I use a vacuum sealer and freeze in smaller meal size bags
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i also find, even froze, it intensifies the smoke flavor
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Seems to have a long shelf life also. I freeze it.....if there is any left over wink.gif
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I freeze mine in the plastic ziploc dishes-type things. It keeps a long time and reheats well in mocrowave. Ziploc freezer storage bags are good too, but it gets messy getting the juicy pulled pork bbq out once heated.
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I freeze almost anything in vac-seal bags. I do pulled pork in 2-lb paks. If ya want to eat some, figure 1/4 lb per sammie for however many people, pull out how ever many paks you need. If ya pull out too much (is there such a thing?) ya got a little leftover for tomorrow!
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right on the money seb!!!! pulled pork sammie is one thing you wont mind eatin the next day or so if you pull out too much.
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