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Prime rib with q-view

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Got a few friends coming over. I bought this prime rib for about $5.60/lb on sale a few weeks ago and have been wanting to smoke it since.

Well, here is goes. 12.5 pound prime rib rubbed with Lawry's coarse ground garlic salt with parsley then sprinkled with coarse ground black pepper. Will smoke with hickory to an internal of right around 132 then pull and let sit for a while. I might pull at 130 depending on smoker temps. Here are a couple of starter pics. More q-view to follow.....
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nice score..............i LOVE smoked prime rib.........is that with the rack or without?
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Looks good looking forward to more Qview
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Sounds good... cant wait to see the end results!!
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great price on the rib roast, i will be watching this close to see how it turns out, i want to do one for xmas or new years. keep the pix coming !!!
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Looking forward to final product q-vue. I want to try a piece of beef this Thursday. Interested in seeing yours.
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Here are some finished pics of the PR. I pulled it at 131 and it only climbed a few degrees. Enjoy the pics and let me know what you think. Thanks, Greg
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Wow, WOW!!!! That turned out great, my friend!! Nice job!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Man that looks good! Nice job!

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Wow @ Smoked Prime Rib. Looks very moist and tender. Something I will have to try when I get a new smoker. Thanks for the photos I bet that dinner was fantastic. =)

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Looks great.... I love smoked PR.. If you want a real treat smoke some Filet mignion.(sp)
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Nice lookin plate of food there. Looks like Paula Dean is comming to dinner, at least to eat that spud!eek.gif
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yeah seaham.......i have done several beef tenderloins........even tho i know they don't need low and slow.........by gum.......some of the best beef ever..........
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I hafta agree,but I can rarely afford them, sure wish I had more of them to smoke!icon_smile.gif
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yeah i know that feeling Dan........this was back in the day, when beef tenderloin didn't cost as much as a oz of gold...........LOL
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Wow that looks fantastic if I have one come out like that I'd be thrilled!!
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drool drool droolPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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This plate says it all.

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