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Northwet, you're in my neck of the woods and I think I can smell your great looking food from here. I hope you're (finally!) enjoying the 90 degree weather as much as I am. I'll be grilling tonight, but bustin out the smoker big time next weekend.
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Man I'm whooped. 13 hours and 15 minutes later it's wrapped up in a towel in the cooler. Pulled it off at 200 degrees. Going to let it rest for 1 hour and pull it. Late dinner tonight biggrin.gif . My wife made our first batch of Dutch's beans to go along with it. She's doing them in the oven and man do they smell good. This is my first long smoke and I'm really happy with my cooker. Only went through 10 lbs of RO lump for 13.25 hours. Pretty good I think. Will post up the finished results tomorrow. Right now I'm tired and ready to eat. icon_smile.gif

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Loving the weather today Steve. 90 degrees here in Oly town. Where in western Wa are you from?
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I am still tired from my smoke yesterday. The butt I did took just over 12 hours to get done but it was worth the wait.

Can't wait to see some pics of the finished product. icon_smile.gif
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Good work so far! Lets see that q-view!
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OK, as promised here are the results. I basically followed the instructions outlined in Meowys sticky. This butt turned out incredible. I've never seen a jucier piece of meat. Tender and delicious. Yum. Anybody who hasn't tried the "Meowy Method" needs to give it a shot. You will not be dissapointed. Here are the pics........

Foil removed after it's "nap" in the cooler. The bone just fell right out.

Pulling was really easy. The meat just fell apart. Very impressed with how moist it was

All pulled

Dutches beans on the side. These beans are incredible as well for those who haven't tried them yet.

Well that's it. Thanks forum members for all the great advice. It really helped to make this first one a sucess. Now I'm getting hungry posting these pics. I'm gonna go get some leftovers now biggrin.gif
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