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First Packers ON!

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Got an 8 1/2 pound packer smokin taday, my first one. Figured I'd better get a handle on em fer I tried smokin up enough fer 200 folks in August!

Usin my Smoke in th Hollar rub an hickory.

Yall know me, ya gonna have ta wait fer the Q-View!

Enjoy yer weekend folks!
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Good luck on your trial run!! How many lbs of briskets are you going to fix for 200 people?
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Goose, gonna do bout 40+ pounds a brisket an 80+ pounds a butts. It's close, so gonna have ta do good portion control, already bought the 1/4 pound scoopers fer the servers.
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Looking forward to the pics. Keep us posted.
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Looking forward to the Qview have a great smoke
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Good luck Trav, I have done a lot of flats but never a packer and really need to just jump in and do one. I did find a great point, which I have never seen out here before, that I will try soon. The checkout lady ws all giddy about seeing it and was telling me how to cook brisket in a crock pot...I said thanks, I'll be sure to give that a try. Didn't have the time or the heart to explain SMF to her, LOL.

So, I'm looking forward to your results and lessons learned.
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You are a meat tease travco.!biggrin.gif

hehehe, Ableman said"crockpot" hehehe!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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hehehe, Dan said "meat tease"!! Good luck with the packer trav, will be waiting..........
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LOL, the check out lady said "crock pot", it was a quote biggrin.gif
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OK, yall had ta wait till the days remodelin work was done, but here be the Q-View!

This is rubbed an ready ta go.

8 Hours a smoke time an a couple hours of rest in the cooler.

Woulda liked more bark an a better smoke ring, I cooked this un on the bottom rack which runs hotter then my top, so it cooked faster then I woulda liked, next time gonna top rack it. Taste however was fantastic! The "Smoke In The Hollar" rub is comin long nicely. Didn't have time ta sear this one, might try it on the next one ta see which way I prefer.

This one was very good flavor wise, so now we will work on the bark some.
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Looks awesome and I'm sure it tasted even better!!
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those some mighty fine lookin vittles u got goin on there!!!! looks great tip!!!
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Nice. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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As long as it tasted good. It look nice and moist. From my chair it looks great.
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Looks great. Is there any left?
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Nice job and very moist.
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