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Ok awesome!

Well I went down to do this and it started pouring rain. Luckily I had a pot lid with strainer holes in it, so I stuck it over the top vent until it stopped. I got the temp steady at 250'F now!
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Good reason to have that smoker undercover. Rain can really drop the temps, especially on a charcoal smoker. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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If you check the Propane section in the Smoking Supplies and Equipment sub-forum and do a search on "rain caps". Several of us GOSM users have made a rain cap. Plus, in my opinion, a stack on the GOSM makes it draw better, especially when I have my SFB fired up with charcoal briquets.
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Bubba is dealin out some good advice today!, musta doubled up on the meds huh?biggrin.gif

hehehe, all kidding aside, I never put any chuck in a pan, there should be plenty of fat dispersed in the meat. Like BBQ Bubba said, BARK!wink.gif
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What's the old saying....heavily medicated for your safety! biggrin.gif
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Holy crap that looks good! I gotta try this.

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Ok so its been 8 hours, fighting the wind / rain and so on. The internal temp hit 205'F so I removed it. Tough as nails. It smelled good, but it wouldn't "shred". My wife tasted it and almost puked. She said it didn't taste like "roast" at all. To be honest it didn't taste bad, but it tasted like smoked steak more then succulant roast. Maybe this was a bad idea? So now I got all this time dedicated to it, and a family that wont eat it. So I gotta figure out what to do? My smoker has since cooled, so I got the oven up at 350'F. I covered a dish with foil with the meat inside and I'm letting it go. I have no idea how to save this. All the smoked meat I have had over the years and so far no one in my house likes the last two things I made. So I begin to wonder if they just hate smoked meat, or if I suck that bad I f'ed it up. Any ideas on how to make this more like "pot roast" at this point would be appreciated. I might need to sell my smoker however.

Thanks for all the help.
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Hey Flash, that's a great pic, especially for those wondering about the amount of smoke and what it should and shouldn't look like. Good job and thanks for the awesome pic. Reputation points given. Greg
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Can't say without seeing or tasting it, did it look like this?

By imn88fan

Thats as succulant like pot roast as it gets....didn't do the probe test did ya?
What was your seasoning? Maybe oversmoked it?
Sorry to hear, don't give up, keep trying! wink.gif
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It didn't look anything like that. It looked like a huge steak, and tough as they come. It won't pull at all, it was hard to slice with a knife. It was still really juicy though, so it didn't seem dried out. I'm confused, I would give anything for it to look like that. Its just a fairly big let down after it going all day. At this point since its not "dry" do you think tossing it in the oven could still push it to the point of "shredding". Its at 350'f but I have no idea how long or if I need to do anything else special to it. (such as add water to the pan)
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are you sure your thermometer is accurate ? You could foil it again and put some apple juice in with it and jet it cook maybe an hour or so ...personally I would turn the oven back to 250, then let it rest rolled up in towels for atleast on hour,,

thats probably what I would do, hope that helps.

DONT SELL YOUR SMOKER, NEVER GIVE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Rest rolled in towels? Like paper towels? I shouldn't of been so negative, I won't give up just yet. It just sucks failing, it seems also nothing helps me out. We had sustained 20mph winds all day and it rained three times. So once you smoke it, you should let it rest before cutting?
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should have been more clear,, wrap it back in foil and when you take it out of the oven leave it in the foil and take some old towls ,, not paper, and wrap it up in them, this will help insulate it while it rests,and let it rest for at least on hour, then take it out of the foil and see what you got then..

If your wife is disgruntled with the smokes then wait a few days and collect your thoughts and smoke a butt for her with jeffs rub on it and her mind will change
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Try foiling with some juice, broth, anything will work. Put in oven (did i say that) on 250* and check every hour.
I'm thinking your thermo isin't correct or you had bad placement.
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I ended up sticking it in the oven for an extra hour and a half at 300'F. Then I took it out and left it covered, put towels over it as recommended and waited 2 more hours to try to pull it again. To my suprise it WORKED! Obviously I need to get all this done next time using the smoker alone. It only took 12 hours... lol. I suspect possibly I didn't get it hot enough, the probe said 210, but I didn't leave it at that temp for very long. And I also didn't allow it to rest very long after removing it. Thanks for all the help, and for putting up with my stressful day!
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Now I have officially seen it all. eek.gif

You could have atleast had the decency to PM that instead of posting. LOL (just a joke for those that can't tell)
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Looks like everything turned out good in the end. So did the wife like the end result?

As for people putting up with a stressful day ... we've all had at least one or two if not more of those kind of smokes in the beginning. Each one you do you'll learn something new and it'll get easier.

Do check your that your therm is reading right tho. Also when putting the probe in the meat make sure you are in the meat and not a fat vein.

The rest period is very important ........... as i've learned since joining this site. 1 hour min, 2 hours preferably. If you have a cooler available lay the wrapped piece of meat in a cooler. I've had chuck roasts wrapped in foil and towels for over 2 hours and they still come out of the cooler almost too hot to handle.

Oh yeah one last piece of advice .... whatever time you think the smoke will take, add a couple of hours, then maybe another to be safe biggrin.gif

Happy future smokes
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ya did good,, thanks for not giving up, I hate to see people do that,
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Thanks everyone for the encouragement and help. I could not of done it without you!

I wouldn't of gave up, not that easily. I was pretty frustrated, and my pregnant wife who is super picky on food atm wasn't helping. biggrin.gif

Yes she did try it afterwards and said "Its not bad". Which wasn't mind blowing, but atleast edible. I brought some to work to get a better opinion as many of the guys here smoke meat. And they said it was good. I told them to be honest, but you know how people are!

I don't know, I used two different probes. One that was on a wire, the other just a normal meat therm. Both hit around 200'F, but I took it out right when it hit that, and tried to "pull" it about 10 minutes later. So possibly it just needed to rest. Or I didn't leave it at that temp long enough. *shrug*

Anyhow I liked the addition of brownsugar I made at the end, it smelled like bacon though. Although the touch of sweetness helped it not be as bland as my rub with just some random seasonings. wink.gif

I chaulked this up as a learning experience. I just hope my wife isnt a hater of smoked flavoring, as both shots at this hasn't won her over.
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Glad to see you persevered. My first chuck went similar, but without the inclement weather. I though it would never fall apart. It ended up needing to get to about 210* before it would pull, but pull it did.

Next time, you know what to expect, and it will surprise you anyway!!
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