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Keep it or loose it?? butt time question!

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Hello you smokers! I'm about to put on a butt and noticed it had a think layer of fat on it. Should I keep it or loose it?
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Well, can't see it, but I have never seen a fat cap so thick that I felt like I had to cut it off.

I cook them fat down and like to have it there for a little protection between the meat and the heat.

Just the same, if it bugs you cut it off, it won't hurt anything really.

How is that for help? LOL Sorry
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I've only done a few butts, but I don't ever trim off the cap and have what I would consider great results. I may trim it up a tiny bit if there's loose stuff, but it's more for presentation than anything, I guess. Don't think it actually has any impact on the finished product!
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keep it or loose it?

Thanks for the quick replys. I'll keep it!!
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Thats the fat cap, yall wanna keep it! That be a huge pocket a flavor an yer automatic marinator while smokin. It will slowly melt away while cookin an run down the meat keepin it moist. When yer all finished with the smoke ya can take whats left off, I never have, just mix it in with the rest a the meat. Never much left on mine anywho's.

Just my 2 coppers worth.
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keep that fat cap!!!
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keep the cap and cook cap up PDT_Armataz_01_38.gif
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Here we go.........
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OH NO, not this again!biggrin.gif
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i trim it right off. It acts as a barrier and prevents the smoke from penetrating the meat.

fillet the whole thing and get rid of it. I smoked the skin once and gave pieces of my dog as a treat. he loved em.

Or do like do and chase my chick around the house with it saying "is she about a size 14?"
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