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New from Arkansas

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Found this site and hope to learn how to smoke better..........

Here is my newest project .....

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Old underground propane tank that was my grandfathers. I am just about done.


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Welcome to SMF you will find lots of good info and recipes around here. Looks like a good start on a great smoker are you gonna trailer mount it?
Have fun and happy smoking
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Glad you found the SMF, you're project is movin' right along. Keep us posted on the updates.
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Welcome to the SMF!! Looks like the makings of a nice smoker!!
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I am going to put an axle under it.
I wanted to get the smoker portion done before I build a frame for the axle.

I want to add a firebox. I am cheap so I am holding out for some good scrap.biggrin.gif

I have another tank that twice this ones size but I am gonna wait before I start another.

I need a thermometer to permanently mount to it ...........where do find them?
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Sounds good keep us updated with pics as it progresses heres a link to a post about some thermometers
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Welcome to SMF! Can't wait for the finished pics!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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It's got smoke!!!biggrin.gif

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welcome to the smf. looks like a good project. A man can never have to many projects.
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Howdy ! and welcome cool looking smoker !
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Welcome to the SMF. I was curious what you did to make the first cut into the propane tank to keep from exploding on you. I have one 7 feet long I want to make a smoker out of and can't find anyone to cut it for me. Thank you in advance for any information you may help me with.
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Welcome to the smf..................Looks like the start of one heck of a smoker...................
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welcome and great smoker... see ya later from another hog fan
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Welcome to the forum....Are you anywhere near Paragould..that's where my dad lived until he passed?
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Welcome to SMF! Go Hogs! daughter graduated from uof fay. can't wait for some q-view from the inside of that smoker.
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Welcome to SMF. you found the right place to be.
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