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Brinkmann Electric Smoker...

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Anyone have any experience with these smokers? Mods?

I have been offered one for free thats only been used a few times. The price is right so I am looking forward to getting it.
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You can't beat it for free...
Even if the electric doesn't work you can convert it to charcoal.
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I started out with one of these. They are great for smaller quantities and work quite well. I have now grown into a larger one, as the family wanted "MORE MEAT". I still use mine, if I only want to do a small meal. They come up to temp rather quickly and maintaine the heat, as long as you don't "peek" too much. For the price, I would say jump all over it.
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There is no doubt I am taking it!!! Free is always good.

I had used a similar smoker years ago but never thought of mods. Now I am wanting to make it as good a smoker as it can. The electric is good for me since I live in an apt. They frown on gas and charcoal has to be moved away from building.
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Vlap, This is what I started with and still use. It is good to learn on and to have for extra capability.

FWIW...That price in your link is crazy for a new one, though. I think I got mine for $49 or $59 and now see them for $69 at lowe's, etc.
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i have one my wife got me,i really didn't care much for it as an electric so i'm converting it to charcoal,i bought the vented charcoal pan and am adding a temp gauge. as for as mods for the electric do a search under electric smokers and you'll see different mods like rheostats and vents and smoke pans.
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I wouldn't pay for one. Like I said I am getting it free. For that price this will be fun to have.
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I have one, and its fine. Mine runs a little hot, but to be honest i think it is because its still new and breaking in as it gets less intense which each bbq.

2 tips for running hot:

1. I've learned that when i want to reduce the heat i thrown in a huge chunk of ice in the water pan

2. I don't plug my brinkman into the wall, i attach a long heavyduty extension cord, and plug it into a powerstrip that sits next to me on the couch. when my wireless thermometer gets to 250 and starts beeping i flip the red button to off till when it gets to 225 and turn it back on! One day I will install some sort of dial, but not till i have the proper supervision. I;ve seen to many episodes of Tool Time!
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A simple idea that is incredibly effective I bet!
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Grab it while you can! Many a great Q has come from that model of smoker.
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Very good idea as your alternative is to 'vent it'. I still want to apply the 'vent' modes to the lid for this purpose.
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