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New Smoker

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My name is Dave, I have a fetish for smoking biggrin.gif .......... Sorry I thought this place was like AA. I am new to the smoking thing and was told about this forum from Vlap. There is more info on here than I could ever remember but to start off with my first question. I have a pork loin that is 4" thick and 12" long and need to know a cooking time for it, any help would be great.
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Welcome 97. Search pork loin. Loads of info.
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Welcome 97, I have never done a pork loin, but I know its all about int. temp. low and slow
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Welcome to the forum, Dave! Just don't overcook the loin. They tend to get dry when overheated.
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you are here!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome Dave, cook to temp not time.
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Recommend by Vlap.........hmmmm......welcome to the forum, but we will keep a close eye on you. biggrin.gif
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Hello Dave, and welcome to the SMF. We usually don't cook by time... we cook by internal temp. If you don't have one, pickup a decent meat prob therm and a therm for the cabinet also. You need to know what temp you'e cooking at, and what temp your meat is done. Make sure you calibrate them before use. Good luck my friend.
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Welcome to the SMF!
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Welcome to the forum! You should take care not to use too much smoke; which is easy to do with pork loin.
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I agree with searching the forums for Pork Loin. You will have to read the threads and you will get some great ideas. You may already have one, but if you dont you will definitely need a digital thermometer. I have one but as I am starting to smoke more than one thing at a time, I need to have two. I have heard there are wireless ones now with a monitor that you can carry with you. Sounds cool.

Good luck with the loin.
What kind of rub are you going to use?
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Welcome aboard!
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